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Snow Day

It’s snowing outside and looks pretty miserable. Lucky for me I don’t have to go out much today. The kids are home from school and it’s and “inside day”. My shopping is done, so we can stay home, wrap presents, clean the kitchen, and maybe bake some treats. The kids can deliver neighbor gifts if they feel like going outside, and then we’ll head out for a soccer game (indoor) later this afternoon. And tonight I get to meet my oldest and dearest friends in the world for our annual Christmas get together. So, I’m feeling pretty Christmas-sy and happy about the day.

I thought I would share some of our Christmas decorations with you, since I’ve been meaning to do that, but just haven’t gotten around to it (not the decorating, but the sharing. I did my decorating a long time ago, of course).

We make these little graham cracker houses every year,
then as soon as they are finished, some little people start picking all the candy off of them. candy
One of the easiest Christmas decorations is to use things you already have. I just fancied up my kids’ pictures on the wall with bows, so they look like the gifts. And they liked coming home and seeing the bows on their pictures.

The stockings are hung.
The tree is trimmed.
Of course, the kids did most of the decorating of the tree, so we get some clumping, and some interesting ornaments.
angels birdhouse
I guess the angels LIKE to be all together so they can sing, right? And I really don’t know what’s up with the upside down birdhouse. But someone painted it and so it must go on the tree, right?
I bought this little guy new this year. He’s supposed to watch and make sure the kids are being good and report their behavior to Santa.
Our Christmas countdown calendar is almost empty by now, and it’s been fun for the kids to discover a treat or note every day.
We’ve got a few nutcrackers up, and this shelf is decorated, although I sometimes ask myself why. The birds like to travel along the curtain rod and play on this shelf. So far they’ve knocked over the angel and the big Santa and tossed the blocks off the shelf, too. I guess it’s fun for them, and nothing there is really breakable. shelf

The teapots are put away and the Christmas things are now on our display shelf.

My Grandma’s ceramic nativity sits on the piano, and the other Nativity is in the kitchen where the kids can play with it.
nativity small nativity
Oh, and I don’t believe I’ve mentioned my new curtains, have I? I finished these curtains in November, and I think they really add to the family room.

So, there you have it. Not all of the decorations, but I can’t just go on forever, now can I? Enjoy your snow day!

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  1. Cute curtains! I wish my home were as beautifully decorated as yours. Ours just usually turns into clutter.

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