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The Trials of a Busy Mom

Brrrr, it’s cold out there, baby

We’re busy enjoying our Christmas break around here. Robin and her kids made the trek up from Arizona, and arrived on the 26th. Luckily, there have been no more instances of sickness around here, so that’s a happy thing. The kids (all 7 of them) were perfectly happy to play outside in the snow for hours, as long as there was hot chocolate waiting. And thanks to my lovely new Mocha Latte machine, we can keep the hot chocolate flowing. hot chocolate
That Wii has also kept them entertained! I finally got a turn to bowl last night, and that is really fun. I’m glad we splurged on it for Christmas.

Last night we went out to dinner at the Spaghetti factory, and I think my jeans have reached the maximum amount of stretch that they can accommodate. If I gain one more ounce I’ll have to live out the rest of my days in sweats and yoga pants.

Today Robin (brave soul that she is) is taking the older kids sledding. I scrounged around and found 5 sleds, and they hopefully all have gloves (there’s been a small glove crisis, but I think we worked through it) and snow pants. They just left in a puff of snow. I’m hoping that they can actually have some fun on the hill and they won’t all start complaining that they are cold 5 minutes after they get started. That’s why I’m not going. I would be the one whining and complaining, for sure. Because I really don’t like to be cold, and I don’t even have snow gear. So, I’m going to restock some food with a run to the store while they are gone.

And, don’t forget…it’s my birthday party tomorrow. Yes, I’ll officially be old, and I’m throwing myself a b-day party. You are all invited! I hope you can come! A couple of my friends have questioned my logic at throwing my own party, but really, it’s better this way. I hinted and hinted to my dear husband that when I turned, well, OLD, he should throw me a big surprise party. But then, I realized that, wonderful as he is, parties are not really his speciality, and therefore I should just organize it myself. That way I get the party I want, and I won’t be mad at him. Win-win, if you ask me. So, I’ve invited all my friends, and if I missed you, then come anyway. I’m buying food, bringing some games, and I’m hoping that my guests will be entertaining enough! I’m quite excited–not about being old, but about having a party. There may even be door prizes, we’ll see.

So, that’s what we’re up to around here. And from the great lack in comments lately, I’m assuming that all of you are also busy enjoying your post Christmas slumber.


  1. Very much looking forward to the party tomorrow night. And so far, being OLD hasn’t been too bad.

  2. Sorry I missed your party! Dentist husband and toothsome #1 were both stomach flu sick.

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