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Why I love Grease Monkey and the story of the headlight

A few months ago our daughter had an unfortunate accident where she hit a parked car. Not much damage to the 88 Camry she was driving, more damage to the 95 Camry she hit. Anyway, that left our Camry with a crunched headlight. When it came time to get that car inspected, we wanted to make sure it was going to pass inspection before we put any money into it.

So, I took that car in to Grease Monkey to be inspected, and miraculously, everything else passed. They told me that they would once we got that light, they would put it in, and could even pound out that bit of metal so that the light would go in.

That was in January. Ryan didn’t want to go picking and pulling to find that light at a junkyard, so he ordered it from some place off the internet. When the light finally came, it was quite BIG for the light that we needed. Turns out that they sent us a taillight for a Nissan VAN or something, not the side light for a Camry. Ryan had to write to that company, get a RMA number, etc, etc. Then he ordered the part from Auto Zone, thinking that they would get it right. Right? When that part came another week or two later, it was also the wrong part. Smaller, but not right. So Ryan took the part in to Auto Zone and probably chewed them out. How hard is it to order a part for a stinkin 88 Camry?

Here we are in mid March, and the guy from Auto Zone called to tell me the part was in. I was skeptical, but went to go get it. It was indeed the correct part. Megan and I went back to Grease Monkey to see if they could A-install the light, and B-sign off on our registration inspection, even though we have been expired for about 45 days. Those guys at Grease Monkey not only installed the light for us, they pounded out some of the crunched metal to make the part fit! AND they passed off on the inspection. When I went to pay, he said it was NO CHARGE. NO CHARGE? Can you believe that?

So I must sing the praises of Grease Monkey once again. Not only do they give you popcorn and drinks while you wait, accept everyone else’s coupons making it so I never have to pay full price, AND they are generally nice and helpful guys! And the Lehi location is really the best (not to mention that there’s a Kneaders right next door, in case the popcorn and sodas aren’t enough for you to nosh on while you wait for the nice guys to work on your car.)

Thank you, Grease Monkey!


  1. Awesome… I’ll have to remember that just in case. I love mechanics like that.

  2. how cool is that? do they have more than one location?

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