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Basement Reveal

We are enjoying our basement! Megan has moved down to her new room, and we’ve already had visitors stay in our “guest room”/Cole’s room. -No, it’s not finished, but it’s usable space, and now we can work on things a little at a time. I thought I would show you some pictures of how it looks now.

When you come down the stairs, the first room on the right is Megan’s new room, or the BLUE room.

She chose the paint color herself, and the bedspread came from our kind neighbor, who said, “Hey, I think we have a bedspread in that color.” Thanks!

No window treatments, yet, but I’m sure we’ll get to that soon. Because the furnace closet is in her room, we decided to just make that wall even and put in two closets. She LOVES having a whole closet just for her art stuff.

I do not know what’s up with that can collection on the top shelf, but she says she is saving them for “a project.” Whatever.

Here’s the view from the other side of the room, where you can see her desk and dresser.


Around the corner is the bathroom.
I love how it’s happy and yellow and sunny. I bought that light fixture a few years ago when we first started on the basement, and I’m glad we could still use it. Because of the florescent lights in there, I can’t get a good picture that doesn’t make the walls look green, but know that they are indeed yellow.


Of course, if you look to the right of the toilet, you will see one of those unfinished areas. Yes, there is a tub, but it’s not working. No shower, no tile. Sorry, kids, you’ll still have to shower upstairs. Oh, and since it’s not working, it seems to have some junk in it.

Now that we have a toilet paper holder and a towel rack, it really feels like a bathroom.

Down the hall from the bathroom you come to the kitchen area. Only it’s not a kitchen yet, it’s a nice area with lots of tile. 044

We bought some folding tables and chairs for upcoming parties, and just moved the Foosball table out to the kitchen area. Someday that will be a nice island there under the funky blue lights. For now, it’s a game table, which is ALMOST the same thing, right?

From the kitchen, you can go into the bedroom on the right. This is Cole’s room, although Cole is not here to live in it. He’ll be here for about 3 weeks after school is out and before he leaves on his mission, and I hope he enjoys this nice new room. If you look in the closet, you’ll see a few items for the missionary, and nothing else.

The bed, while not here in time for our first visitors, is now set up and I love it. You can also see a little bit of that blue vanity/dresser that I painted a while back. That piece has been hiding out in my bedroom and I filled it up with leftover Christmas things, etc. I brought it down to the basement wondering if it would go with Megan’s room, and realized it looks pretty good in Cole’s room, instead.


On the other side of the kitchen is the new family room.

I moved the big overstuffed couches from the front room upstairs (and by I, I don’t just mean I. I definitely needed help moving those things down the stairs) and they fit nicely in a basement. I bought three packages of these curtains on clearance, and was so excited about how well they matched, and then discovered that each package was only one panel. Of course, when I went back to the store to get more, they didn’t have any more of that specific curtain, but I did find them online, but not for the same great price. Oh, well. This pillow was my “inspiration piece” for the family room. I wanted that yellow, beige and purple and green together.

We also have some bean bag chairs on the floor. Comfy, comfy.
On the other side of the room we have a treadmill. I don’t like it there, but I don’t know where else to put it, so there it sits.

There’s no tv, no entertainment center, no screen, not anything on the walls or decorations anywhere, so it still looks a bit unfinished and not really lived in, but those things will come. For now, I’m thrilled to have the finished space. It’s nice to have Megan into her own room, and we will gradually get those other things finished so that it feels like home, and someplace the kids want to hang out. We’ll be having two get togethers this weekend, so we’ll surely use the space!


  1. Love it! You have done a great job!

  2. Very nice and ROOMY. That’s just what we need with our large family. Thanks for helping us move the parties out of our house.

  3. Mom, just because we finished the basement, doesn’t mean all the parties are here. Your house is just as roomy!

  4. great tour! It looks awesome!

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