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For Diana

027My heart is filled with sadness and confusion today. I found out yesterday through facebook that a friend of mine had passed away. I thought it was a joke when a mutual friend posted something about how much she will be missed. What? Is this a joke? I read on to see post after post about her sudden and unexpected death. How could this be true? She was healthy girl, in her 20’s. How could she be gone? I started asking questions, and while there are no answers yet, we know that she died in her sleep. Just didn’t wake up on Sunday morning.

So full of life and fun. I met her when I did Seussical at Alpine Community Theater, and she was there with me in every play since.

She was so happy and helpful, and we got to be friends through the show.

(Annie get your gun)

When our two months of rehearsal and the play was over, I would see her through the rest of the year at the grocery store, or we would occasionally go out for a movie with the girls.

In Wizard of Oz, we got to be Apple Trees together, and we had SO MUCH FUN, both on and off stage. I laughed SO hard with Diana and Felicia. They are both wonderful girls.

One of the things I love about a play is that you get to know so many different people. Yes, it’s long hours at rehearsal, and for many of those hours, it’s just sitting around waiting while other people are on stage. While it’s long and boring, that’s when you get to know people.

Here she is in her Cinderella ball gown. She’s really not that tall, she’s just standing on a chair right before I cut off the bottom of her dress for her.

Diana and I have shared make-up, hairspray, bobby pins, done each other’s hair, helped each other into costumes, all the while laughing and having fun.

As I read what friends are posting about her, it makes me smile and cry at the same time. Bill said,
A wonderful young woman in our neighborhood, who we have known and loved for nearly fifteen years, died unexpectedly in her sleep last night.

Diana was as vibrant, funny, and kind-hearted a person as I have ever met. We attended church with her, worked and performed with her in community theater for a decade, and saw her several times a week at the grocery store where she worked, and she always had a smile on her face and something kind to say.

Our children huddled around us yesterday when we leaned about this and wept. She was one of those rarest of people – a radiant personality and someone truly without guile – and she left us too soon.

I wasn’t in the play last year or this year, but Natalie loved being in the show with “Mom’s friend Diana”. Even though Natalie’s only 14, she was kind to her, and they laughed together as well.

Here she is with Susi (another friend from a few shows). Full of enthusiasm and life.

I wait to hear when the funeral will be, and to read her Obituary.

I guess this is a reminder to not squander our time here on earth. To tell those who you love HOW much you love them. To make time to see your old friends, and not to take your family for granted. To treasure those relationships and be nice to everyone. My heart grieves for her family, but takes joy in the fact that they will see her again some day.

Thank you, Diana, for all the joy you shared with me, for making me feel comfortable in some uncomfortable situations, for your love of Mama Mia and all things theatrical. Thank you for your friendship. I can’t imagine our little community theater without you. Much love until I see you again.

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  1. That is so sad. The same thing recently happened to a girl Justin’s age from Brighton – just 20 years old and died in her sleep.

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