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The Trials of a Busy Mom

From the mouth of a four year old.

John (who came into my bathroom while I was drying my hair): Mom! Mom! The tv went to all blue! You need to fix it!

Me: Because I am SuperMom and I can fix anything, right?

John: No.

Me (not letting this go): Come on, say, it. Say, ‘you’re supermom!’

John: You’re not supermom. It’s ‘superDOG’, Mom.

Me (feeling a bit disgruntled at the lack of respect my son is showing me): But I’m the superMOM, right?

John: Nope.

Thanks a lot, kid. See if I drive your carpool on the fieldtrip today.



  1. Oh ha ha. Good one!

  2. Oh that’s sad. I wouldn’t have fixed it. I’m eleven though.

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