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We are halfway through our run of the Scarlet Pimpernel at the Scera Theater, and my hair is different every night.


One night it looked like this when I left the house.


Which I liked, but by the time I sweat and change my clothes 5 times, it ends up pretty flat.


It looked like this by the time I came home.

Another night it started out looking like this.
Which was pretty good. Here’s our group shot of our ‘family’. We are the family of the Marquee de St. Cyr.


But when I come home, it’s looking more like this.


Every time I do a show I end up buying new hair products to try to keep the hair from going flat. And bobby pins. I buy 2-3 packages of bobby pins every time I do a show.

Friday night it looked like this when I came home. Still trying to hold it’s shape.


Saturday I didn’t wash the hair, but threw it into a ponytail for our family adventure. It looked ok…

(But you aren’t looking at my hair here, you are looking at the puppies, right? SO CUTE!!!)

Until we ventured up to the top of the Memorial Hill in Midway.
We looked like this.

Windy, right. Right.

AFter a whole day of family stuff, the family dropped me off in Orem and I went to the theater with straight, albeit windblown hair. I went to work with product and a curling iron until it was mildly acceptable. Oh, and a bumpit. To my my hair go even higher. It was not as high as these girls, I tell you.

As I was driving home after the show, I pulled bobby pins out of my hair. Yes, I can do that with one hand, so I’ve still got one hand on the wheel. Don’t worry.


Ryan and Megan were still up and working on this big old art project that I will show you in a different post. But my hair was pretty dang scary at that point.

No pictures of how it looks today, because it’s a day of rest. No hot rollers, no curling iron for the straight hair today. Hopefully I don’t do too much damage to the hair over the next two weeks with my ratting and spraying and curling. It’s times like this that I look upon those with long and thick hair with envy. But I will deal with what I have, and try to keep taking pictures of it, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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  1. We all went and saw the play the on the last dress rehearsal night. It was fun…and you did a great job looking nervous about losing your head. 🙂

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