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Spring Holidays

Wow, it’s not very often we have St. Patrick’s Day and Easter in the same week (in fact, I heard that the pope actually changed St. Patrick’s day to Saturday the 15th so as not to interfere with the Easter week). But we’re all about the celebrating here, so we’re doing ok.

For St. Patrick’s day we made large amounts of sugar cookies. Green sugar cookies with green frosting. Oh my heavens, those were delicious. We gave quite a few of them away, but sadly, quite a few of them ended up in my mouth. Just–too–yummy! The kids were all set to dress in green, and Natalie and Jenna both took baggies full of green jelly beans for class on Monday. john This wasn’t exactly the “wearing of the green”, but I thought I would just include some pictures to show how much fun your kids can have with just a simple pad of sticky notes. jenna Why yes, those were my sticky notes, kids, and no, thank you, I would not like them back.

On Sunday, we broke out the food coloring, egg dye kits and all that jazz, and colored up some eggs. jenna Since eggs hadn’t gone on sale yet, I didn’t have tons and tons of eggs boiled up for them to color like I usually do (I only boiled about 18), so we tried our hand at blowing out the eggs and then decorating them. eggs Ryan was not enthused about trying a new way to do our eggs ( I think he was grossed out and a little afraid I’d try to save those eggs and scramble them up for breakfast the next morning. I’ll admit I thought about it, but in the end, we just let all those egg innards go down the garbage disposal.) but we were not deterred. null Although a few of them got squished and broken in the blowing process, I think the kids did a great job. This year I used food coloring instead of the little tablets (since I couldn’t find the tablets until after we had started), but it worked just fine. Who knew I could just use twenty drops of the food coloring and a little vinegar? I guess it’s said that on the box of “assorted food coloring and egg dye” all the time, but I always used the little tablets. egg Since some of the eggs are hollow, we hung them on a little Easter tree and have put them around. Hopefully we can save them until next year without breaking them.

Saturday Ryan is taking the kids to Thanksgiving point for their Easter Eggstravaganza! I get to take Megan to a soccer game at 8:30, where we’ll probably freeze our butts off. Yay for soccer, right?

No matching dresses or outfits for the kids this year. In fact, I don’t have any idea what any of us will be wearing for Easter. I guess just our regular church clothes. While they would love new clothes, they don’t get into the “matching” thing anymore, so I didn’t get them Easter dresses. Oh well.

Then on Sunday we’ll go to my parents’ house for Easter dinner and fun. It should be a fun weekend, and I wish you all a Happy Easter!


  1. Amy

    Good luck at your Subaru key party, too! I’ll be sending all my good-luck thoughts your way!

  2. Amber

    SUCH FUN! And I am ashamed to admit that I forgot to dye our eggs. Must. Do. It. Tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Melissa

    I’ve always been afraid to blow the eggs out – afraid I’d end up breaking them. But I know folks do it, so there must be a way!

    I didn’t have to mess with the dye this year – mom did it with Anna Marie when she spent the night a couple of days ago!

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