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Friday follies

Friday’s show was QUITE a doozy. Crazy, really.

First of all, just getting to the theater today was hard. John wasn’t feeling well, and I woke up feeling like I might have a UTI. Not sure if things were going to get worse. Couldn’t get an appointment until the afternoon, so I had Ryan take John to school a bit later so he could rest a bit, and I took off to Orem. As I walked in, I saw the BIG wings leaning up against a garbage can. You see, my butterfly wings have been falling apart little by little, and during yesterday’s butterfly/bee/bird number, my wing just fell off. WHAT? I swooped down and picked it up and danced off with it. At least it was toward the end of the song, right?
2015-02-19 10.43.41
So, I gave it to Danielle, our stage manager and asked her what we do about it. She took it over to costuming and said they would take care of it. Well, our costume director has the flu, so Danielle just brought back over the BIG wings for us to use today. We had started with the big wings, but they were afraid they would get beat up from being bumped so they had us use the smaller ones.
2015-02-20 11.29.34
The big wings have to be laced up like a corset, which takes more time than just putting the elastic over your arms, so my fellow butterfly Rachael had to REALLY hustle (she has less time to change) and she decided to leave her tights on under her “Alison” dress. Audry, who is our bird, was worried that we would whack her with those big wings.

BUT, before we even got to the wings, things started to go downhill. Sound problems. Right before the scene change to the Dr’s office, the music stopped. Pinkalicious continued with her lines and we changed our scenery with no music. Everyone kept going, but I was starting to panic. How can I do my song (and DANCING) with no music?! We did our lines, and kind of slowed things down, hoping that the music would start at any moment. It did not. Ugh. So, we got to the part where I am supposed to start singing, and I had to just do it. I did my little song, and then am supposed to start the dancing. REALLY? I have to dance with NO MUSIC? Crap. No choice but to do it. Luckily, this audience is mostly kids on a field trip, so maybe they wouldn’t be TOO overly critical. More lines, and then another song part. As I started to sing, I think I said, “Sing with me, now!” and we all kind of SANG the music with some doo doo doo’s along with the words.


Right after that, Peter has to sing his “Pink Blues” song. He did that one with no music, too. How long can this torture we call a show with no music go on? Before we launched into our Buzz off song, they got the music working again. Not the whole track, but more like the practice track without the sound effects. Whatever, it’s better than nothing.

We got our BIG wings on in time and there wasn’t THAT much bumping into people.

Afterwards, we were laughing about it and amazed that we pulled things off as well as we did. Although, I wonder how it looked to the audience to have us singing and dancing with no music.

I came home and was just eating lunch when John called from school. Sick. Go pick him up. Then I had to leave to go to my doc’s appointment. Yes, my suspicions were confirmed. I have a Urinary Tract Infection. Thank goodness I caught it in the early stages so I’m not TOTALLY in pain every second; I’ve heard they can be really bad. I’ve never actually had one before, so I’m lucky there, too, I guess.

After eating some soup for dinner, it was time to go back the theater for our evening show. Mondays and Fridays we do night shows, and honestly, it’s hard to get ourselves BACK there to get ready for a show, but once we are there, it’s all fun. I love to chat with the other cast members and joke around while we get ready. There’s only 8 of us, and I really do like everyone in the cast.

Fingers crossed that the track would all work, and we started the show. Hooray! It went well. The track was a bit loud, but who’s complaining?

After the show, I decided to go out to greet people in my butterfly wings instead of the doc outfit. Kids don’t really like the doc, and I thought they would get a kick out of the butterfly wings.

This is my friend from bells, Janeen, with her nieces and nephew. I love saying hi to all the kids after the show. So fun.

So, crazy day, but we made it through!


  1. Charisma

    Wow. Glad you made it through with such a great attitude! Hope you get rid of the UTI soon!

  2. Liz

    I think you’re amazing Paige!! Try to ‘relax’ this weekend. 🙂

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