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Lagoon Day

Ryan’s work does their company summer party at Lagoon. It makes it so we can actually afford to go, which is nice. I’m not a huge fan of roller coasters and gross rides, so I spend my time watching the backpacks, talking to friends, going on a few rides with John or whoever will go on the mellow rides with me. The rest of the crew hits the crazier rides.

My favorite ride is rattlesnake rapids. It’s just so fun for us ALL to go. We laugh the whole time in anticipation and trying to avoid getting wet. We talk smack about who’s going to be the wettest and who’s not going to get wet.

We’ve never had pictures, until this time. My friend Kimberly knew we were going to be on that ride, because we saw her family getting off the ride as we were in line. She stood above and snapped some pictures of us. They are priceless.

Watch Ryan as he gets soaked.

It looks like the rest of us escaped with minimal wetness, but that would be wrong. I was already soaked all the way down the back, and even though we were all huddled on one side at that time, we ALL got wet.

Yes, we spent the rest of the afternoon in squishy shoes and soggy pants, but it’s worth it. Greatest picture ever. I may have to put it as my background. Thanks, Kimberly, for the shot.

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  1. We love that ride too!!! So fun to see you there that day 🙂

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