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Treasures hidden in the freezer

There aren’t THAT many perks of being the Relief Society President. Unless you really like meetings and worrying about people, and planning things, and rearranging your schedule and making visiting teaching changes… then it’s GREAT.

But today, as I was looking for something to throw in the crockpot for dinner tonight, I discovered a hidden gem. Tucked away under the frozen lemon juice (not to be confused with pineapple juice–yes, there’s a story there) I found this little beauty.


Mother’s day fudge.

Yes, I will admit it. I took the extras home with me. I handed a few out to people that I knew weren’t at church that day. And I stuck one in the freezer for when I thought of someone who I should give it to.

Seems I forgot.

And today, when I saw that fudge, it was like a little tender mercy to me reminding me that even though I may not be getting warm fuzzies every day from doing my job, it’s important, and I matter.

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  1. Well…It’s a good thing you were saving it for someone you should give it to. Sometimes we need to take care of ourselves a bit. Enjoy your fudge!

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