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A piccolo? If that’s what it takes.

I encouraged my kids to enter the contest for a new musical instrument from a local music store. I had to help some of them, but Cole did his own.

He wrote:

I should get a new instrument because as a flautist I am never taken seriously. If I could get a piccolo, then my peers and my family would take me more seriously. If I got a piccolo then I would be able to further myself as a musician even more than I would have been able to with only my flute. If I had a piccolo, then I would be able to reach new heights in my musical career. Without a piccolo, I may have to live in a cardboard box. With a piccolo, I may get a music scholarship.

Well, now. That’s a winning entry if I’ve ever seen one. Maybe.

Cole is actually with the band on their tour right now. They got to march in the Main Street Parade at Disneyland, go to the beach, and attend workshops. Today they are recording in a sound studio at Disneyland. It sounds like fun. Although I’ve only heard from him once. On Wednesday night. I think he forgot about his instructions to “call me every day.” Hmmmm. Well, let’s hope he’s having fun.


  1. I’m not sure a piccolo will make me take him more seriously, but hey, if it keeps him from living in a cardboard box, I’m all for it.


  2. That’s the spirit.

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