I took the kids to the park today. Actually two. First, we went to the park on the neighborhood schedule (I made up a summer fun calendar with a different park each week on Wednesdays, and field trips on Thursdays because the neighborhood moms thought it would be good to have some suggestions printed up so we can meet and have fun), but no one was there. Plus, it turned out to not be the greatest park for little kids. So, after playing there for 15 minutes, we left there and took Natalie to her art class in American Fork, and after dropping her off, went to the city park in AF.

We had lots of fun. The kids climbed and slid, ate their lunchables and had a great time. Then, after about an hour, it was time to pick Natalie up from art class. Now they are tired and worn out. If I can just get John to have a nap….