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Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, it’s my birthday today! No, I’m not throwing myself a big party like I did last year, but I am going to do like my friend Robin does, and only do things I want to do. So, there will be no yelling at the kids, no cleaning of toilets, and no vacuuming (I’ll let my pet Roomba do that one). I do have an indoor soccer game to go to, but I’m going to try to send her home with someone else, so I won’t have to. I will hit some after Christmas sales and have my big kids babysit my little kids. We will probably also go out to eat, since I will not be cooking. I’ve already gotten the CUTEST e-card from my friend Melinda, who always sends the cutest e-cards that make me laugh,and several happy birthday emails and some actual cards. And I suspect that my kids are off making birthday cards for me right now, since they’ve all come in here to steal some paper. How fun!


  1. Emily

    yay! happy birthday, paige! i hope it’s a fabulous day!

  2. Kimberly

    Happy Happy Birthday Paige!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. Amy

    Happy Birthday! I called twice but apparently one of the things you wanted to do today was not answer the phone. That’s okay, we still love you and hope your (cough, 29th, cough) birthday was grand!

  4. Lisa

    happy happy birthday paige dear!
    Hope you’ve had a wonderful day. I owe you your present but don’t know if I’ll see you until book club or our lunch we have planned for the 24th.

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