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Dreaming again

I had the weirdest dream last night! I dreamed we moved to…well, I don’t want to offend anyone, so I’ll just say we were moving to “Somewhere else”. I hated it. I had a friend there, (Joan Cusack, actually) and she had told everyone at church about her wonderful friend, Paige, who was moving there and how much they would all love me. When we got there, we went to church, and everyone was wearing their red team sweatshirts and sweaters and jeans. At church. Hmmm. We Mormons usually dress up for church, but I guess things are different there. My friend kept introducing us to people, but with their thick accents I had to keep asking them what they had just said, and still wasn’t understanding. I did a lot of smiling and nodding, but I wasn’t fooling anyone. They would look at Joan, and say, “Well, I don’t like her.”

Our house was small, and had about 6 feet of yard on all sides of the house. I tried to meet neighbors and they all turned away from me and wouldn’t talk or get to know me at all. I was so sad.

This morning Ryan put his arm around me in bed, and all I could say was, “Please don’t make me move to “Somewhere else”. They don’t like me there.” He reassured me that there’s not much chance of us moving to that particular place in the near future. Good. I like it here.

But I’ve still been thinking about that dream today. Wondering why those people didn’t like me, and wondering how long it would take until I got used to things and the new neighborhood and all that. As if we really were moving! How silly is that?

Don’t you hate it when you dream something that’s so real, and then you think about it during the day and wonder about things in your dream? Or am I the only one that does that?


  1. What a sad dream 🙁

    Nope you’re not the only one — I do the same thing! Particularly if I had a super-realistic one where I became annoyed with someone — I often find myself still feeling a tad miffed even after I’m fully awake even though I know it’s ridiculous — LOL!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog back in December, I couldn’t remember if I had gotten around to returning the visit or not, so I’m just stoppin’ by to say “hi” 🙂

  2. I know you were dreaming, because not in a million years could you go anywhere in real life where they didn’t like YOU!

  3. My dream Sunday afternoon about Erik Estrada was much better.

    He was downright friendly in my dream, and much taller than he looked on TV.

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