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Oh, it’s giveaway time, it’s giveaway time. I love giveaway time. Sing it with me, folks….

That’s ok, you don’t need to sing it.
I love it when there’s a giveaway carnival at Bloggy Giveaways. You can enter lots and lots of contests all week. It’s too many contests, actually. If a person weren’t careful, they could waste a WHOLE lot of time entering contests. Or so I’ve heard. (ahem)

In the spirit of giving, I looked around my office to see what I could give away.

I always have a few Mormon Tabernacle Choir CD’s to give away, and this month is no exception. I have a brand new sealed copy of the CD Praise to the Man.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square are pleased to announce their latest recording entitled Praise to the Man: Songs Honoring the Prophet Joseph. This recording is perhaps the most uniquely “Mormon” recording released by the Choir and Orchestra as well as a testament to the faith and legacy of Joseph Smith and the early Latter-day Saints. Filled with new arrangements of beloved LDS hymns, this recording evokes the feelings of those early saints—feelings of hope, faith and joy.

Now I understand that this CD is not for everyone. But you never know, you just might love it. It’s a beautiful CD, and Mack Wilberg’s arrangements are, as usual, astounding.

So, in the non religious music category, I also have the Best of Now, now that’s what I call Music 10th Anniversary CD to give away.

This CD has songs from P!nk, Katie Perry, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, U2, Coldplay, and many others. in fact, if you’d like a whole list of the artists and songs on this CD, you can check it out on Amazon. I think this would be a great listen to in the car CD.

So, there you have it, folks. Two CD’s for you to win!

How to enter-
-Just leave a comment, and let me know which CD you would like to win. If you would like to enter for both, please leave two separate comments. And if you could say hi or tell me something about yourself or why you like this blog, that would ALSO be nice. I will draw two winners on Friday, and this contest is open to US visitors only, please.

And have fun entering contests. You can check out all the contests over at Bloggy Giveaways. Just don’t let it take over your life.


  1. I would love to win the now cd..

  2. I’d love to win the Now 10th Anniversary CD. It sounds fun!

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  3. I would love to win the Now Hits CD. I do love all types of music, but my husband is the real music lover, and I would love to win this for him. Thanks!


  4. I would be happy with either one. thanks for the chance to win

    ceashark at aol dot com

  5. Praise to the Man looks good. My partner is a musician and we listen to everything. So this would go along with our eclectic CD collection. Thanks.

  6. Praise to the Man

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. I would love to win the Now Cd. I have a few of their earlier ones & love them!

  8. I like the Now 10 CD. I think your blog entries are good because they are topics that can appeal to a wide array of people. Thanks

  9. I would love to win the MTC disc 🙂 My sister would love it 🙂

  10. I would also love to enter for the NOW disc too 🙂 Thanks for the giveaways!

  11. I would like the Best of NOW CD!! Thanks,
    wonderfullymade729 at gmail dot com

  12. I’d really love the Mormon Tabernacle Choir one!

  13. I would like the NOW 10 cd please. My niece will be shocked if she gets in the car and I have music playing that is her style. She will love hearing this on the way home from school instead of my country.
    Thanks for the giveaway

  14. I’d like the Praise to the Man Cd, please! Thanks!

  15. I’d also like to try for the Best of Now! CD. Thanks!

  16. The NOW CD sounds great!

  17. I would like to in the Best of Now Cd. I am always looking for fun music to work out to.

  18. Best of Now, now that’s what I call Music 10th Anniversary CD would be wonerful.
    Love mix music, best of both worlds.
    Your blog rocks! thanks for the giveaway

  19. Praise to the Man would be great to win as well.
    Choir’s are so peaceful.
    My mother would love this.
    Thanks for your awesome giveaway, happy day!

  20. 10th anniversary NOW thats what I call music CD.
    Thanks for the giveaway!


  21. I would want the NOW cd. I am LDS too and have lots of access to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir!

  22. H! I like the way your website is set up. I would love to win the Best of Now Cd.

  23. Hi, again. I just was reading your bargain deals posts. I like the way you write, although I coldn’t figure out what the 45$ code word was for. I would like to win the Praise to te Man CD.

  24. The mormon tabarnacle choir. Must be very nice. I would like to listen to it.

  25. I’d like the “best of” cd

  26. The NOW cd looks like its fun

  27. I would like to win the Best of Now, now that’s what I call Music 10th Anniversary CD.

  28. I’d really like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir CD. I love music like that. ^_^

  29. *shrugs* The Now CD would be pretty cool, too. Never hurts to get new music. ^_^

  30. Thanks for the giveaway. I would like the NOW CD!

  31. I’d love the NOW CD.

  32. Thanks, I like the the Best of Now, now that’s what I call Music 10th Anniversary CD. 🙂

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