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I haven’t forgotten

a>little kids at disneyland

Are you wondering when I’m going to tell you about our trip? Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten. I’ve just been busy. BUT, to get you in the spirit of Disneyland, you could go here
and vote for our photo, which is number 251. Aren’t the kids SO CUTE? They were so tiny! And so darling! They are still cute now, but not quite so tiny, and not quite so darling. But I still love them.

It’s easy, you just enter your email address, take a moment to register (if you haven’t already) and then click on #251 to vote. I know it’s a long shot that we will have enough votes. The last few times I have tried to garner enough votes for anything, I’ve failed miserably, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. So, go vote! Vote today, vote tomorrow, vote the next day….

Bells–Clorox wants to help us purchase them

As many of you may know, I have started a beginning chime choir at Highland Elementary school, where I volunteer with the PTA and substitute teach. While it’s been slow going and frustrating at times, I am thrilled with what they have learned in just two months.

We are using a borrowed set of chimes, thanks to a chime loan from the Area 11 Handbell Musicians of America guild, but would like to be able to purchase our own set for for next year and beyond. Perhaps because I’m not a full time teacher, my attempts at securing grants through the traditional avenues had not been successful. So when I found out about this Clorox educational grant for up to $50,000, I was all over it.

Here’s a grant that is more like a contest. And we all know how much I love a contest. Someone will win $25,000 to $50,000 for their school, why not our school? There are 2566 total entries, but only 402 entries in the “create” category. Can we get more votes than the other 401 entries? Well, we can try.

If we were to win this grant, we could buy not only a 3 octave set of chimes, but more than one set, tables, pads, and music for all of the music department, not just the chimes.

So, once again, I am asking for your help. But this isn’t just for me to win a trip or a car for a year or the usual contests that I ask for help. This is for the school. This is one of those vote daily contests that are ‘so much fun’. Besides voting on the computer, there’s a text your vote option, so that’s two votes every day. And voters only have to be 13, so this is a great way to put those texting teenagers to good use. The contest runs from November 5-December 12. I know you are busy, especially this month, but it will really only take a minute or two to click over and vote. I don’t know the text code yet, but when voting goes live on Monday, they should let us know what the text code for our school is.

Here’s a link directly to our school’s grant proposal.

While this is my personal project, this would be a wonderful thing for our school, and another way to spread the joy of handbells. There are many great grant ideas that we are competing against, but I hope you can support me in this effort with your vote and even help spread the word to others who would support us in our quest for handbell world domination (ok, just kidding about that last part).

You can text 2269pbf to the number 95248 to vote as well. Use your kids’ phones, your neighbor’s phones, your work phone…just vote!

If you would like me to remind you daily to vote, I would gladly do that–just let me know. I would love it if you could help spread the word. I can only reach the people in my circles, and while I may know quite a few people, I don’t know nearly enough. Post a link on your blog, on your facebook page, or even twitter (I don’t tweet, but maybe that’s part of your world and you could help me). Please help me help our school win.

Please Makeover my basement, Mandi!

You may remember that I entered a blogging contest last year to have the absolutely talented and amazing Mandi come and do a room makeover. I didn’t win, but that doesn’t mean I don’t absolutely follow and adore Mandi (she’s MET Nate Berkus, for heaven’s sake) and am amazed at what she can do with a little paint and creativity. And believe me, paint and creativity are two of my favorite things. My other favorite thing? FREE!!! Oh, you know it.

Well, she is doing it again!

And do I have the perfect space for her!

My basement!

Don’t panic, Mandi, you don’t have to do the whole basement, you can CHOOSE YOUR ROOM!

Right now everything looks pretty much the same, but soon we will sheetrock these walls. The beauty of this project is, there’s nothing to take down, paint over, or rip out. We can start fresh!

You can choose to makeover a bedroom,

or a different bedroom,

a kitchenette/family room,

Or we could break those up and do JUST the family room,

or JUST the kitchen.

Don’t let those piles of insulation scare you, those will be up in the ceiling and walls soon enough.

Why do we need Mandi’s help and your votes? Because on our own we will never get this done. Seriously. Two years ago I told the hubby, “let’s not take a vacation, let’s just use those days and work on the basement.” Oh, how I laugh at that statement now. I think that was about the time when hubby started really traveling for work, so that he leaves the country and is gone for weeks at a time. Well, we started on this basement about a year ago. It took us a while to dejunk and clean it out, and then we had it framed back around Christmas time last year. We currently have an exchange student from Germany living with us, and when we the host family coordinator asked if we could host this school year, I think I said, “Oh, we’ll have the basement done by then, so we will actually have room for her!” Not so.

Hubby’s done most of the work so far, and he’s amazing. I don’t know how to do any of the wiring or plumbing to help him. And the poor man doesn’t have a lot of free time, what with a full time job, extra traveling for work, church duties, a garden, and a busy family with 5 make that 6 children.

I love to paint and can’t wait to slap some paint on the walls. I even have dreams of buying new furniture, but I can’t really think about that (or buy anything) until we get those rooms done. I do have one piece I already painted, remember this vanity?

Right now it’s stuffed in my bedroom waiting and wishing for a room of it’s own someday where it won’t just get piled high with laundry to fold. But that’s probably the wish of all my furniture in my bedroom to tell you the truth.

So, as you can see, we have a lot of…..potential (that’s putting it nicely), and need. We NEED Mandi to come and help us out with her decorating pizzaz and her boundless energy. She could whip this place into shape in no time.

All I need from you is your vote. Just click on the box and vote, vote vote.

From Mandi’s website, the timeline is like this:

September 7-September 14: Linky open for voting. Send everyone you know over to vote for your post. Please help me get as MANY votes as I can, so if you could help me by posting a link on your facebook page, or blogging, or asking your friends to vote for me (even if they don’t know me, I’d still LOVE all the votes I can get).

September 15: Top 10 winners will be emailed and required to submit a “Plead Your Case”. The Top 10 will have 36 hours to submit their paragraph. If it is not submitted in time an alternate will be chosen. Top 10 will be determined with a combination of Most Votes on the Linky Party, Random.Org, and Wild Card Favorites.

September 17: Top Ten announced/Plead Your Case Post goes live. At this time voting will be open to the public and will run until September 24th at Midnight MST.

September 25: Winner is announced and has one week to prepare for the lightening fury that is the Epic Room Makeover.

So if you can mark your calendars, set a reminder in your phone, write it on a sticky note to vote between Sept 7 and 14th, I would SO appreciate it!

It’s all academic!

WARNING….BRAG ALERT. I am about to do some serious bragging about one of my kids here, so if that turns your stomach or gets you all irritated, just click away. You have been warned….

My son Cole is on the Academic Decathlon team at his school. I really don’t know much about it except that since it’s called a decathlon, maybe there are 10 events, and I know it’s for smart people. Seriously. Call me an uninformed parent, but I didn’t really know what was going on. Sure, he stayed after school a couple of times a week and then he went to a few competitions on Saturdays, and that was that. Right? Well, shortly before our friends were coming to visit, I told the kids that Robin and her kids would be coming on a certain day, and Cole said, “That’s when the State Acadec competition is.” Oh, I asked it if was on the calendar, or if he had told me about this before. “Umm..” I guess not. Where is this competition, I asked. “In St. George.” What? So, we quickly found out the info, how much it would cost, when he would be gone, etc.

While he was gone, we kept in touch through short text messaging. He told me he rocked his speech, or had felt really good about a test. On Friday, he told me that they were first in the standings after 5 events. Saturday I got a message that they had won 1st place! Wow! I found out later that they had won first in large school, and also first overall, knocking our Park City, who I hear has won this competition for many years. Our little team of 9 kids were the best in the state! They now get to compete at the Nationals, which will be held in New Mexico at the end of April.

These are Cole’s medals. You may not be able to tell that they are different, but he won 6 gold and one bronze medal in his events.

I am so amazed and so proud of my son! I mean, I’ve always known how smart he is, and he’s always been a good test taker, but this really is amazing! It was so fun to hear him tell about the weekend and his excitement at having done so well.
I said, “Cole, they will put this up on the marquee in front of the school that you are state champions!” He cynically replied that they only put up stuff about basketball, and probably wouldn’t even mention them. But, much to my surprise, they had a school assembly that week honoring excellence from their school this quarter, and they honored both the basketball team (1st in State, by the way) AND this little Academic Decathlon team. While probably most of the kids in the school have no idea who those math geeks on stage were, THEY knew, and THEY know how awesome they are.

I went to a parent meeting this week to find out a bit more info. These kids are going to be so deep in studying for the next four weeks, they don’t even have time to do fundraisers. The coach suggested a “Decathalon-athon” where people can pledge 5 or 10 cents for every page Cole studies during the next month, or look for corporate sponsors. Hmmm. I don’t really have great connections with any big companies who I could ask to donate all or part of the $6,000 needed to take the team, but I do have friends. Maybe if we can get 50-60 people who would donate $10 each, that would about cover Cole’s costs. Or if I had 25-30 people who would donate $20 each. You see where I’m going with this?

If you feel inclined to help Cole and his team out, we would HAPPILY accept your donations. Yes, Ryan and I will probably be paying for most of it, but it would be nice to not have to foot the whole bill, and we hope the community will also kick in with some corporate donations. This is ACADEMIC, after all.

Why my nose is so big

This post is for my friend Susan, who absolutely loves this story.

When the kids were little, I used to take them in to those photography places for their free 8×10. They would send the coupons around their birthdays so you would go in, have their pictures taken, and then see HOW adorable they looked and buy lots and lots. Well, yes, I got suckered into buying the package one or two times. I folded under the pressure. Then one day I got smart.

The sales lady was showing me the proofs and exclaiming about how wonderful they looked and how cute my kids were (true, that!), and asked me which package I would like to purchase today.
“I’ll just take this one in the 8X10, please,” I said, determined to stick to my guns this time.
“Oh, SUUURRELY you must need more than just the one print. These are wonderful for the grandparents.” She went on in her best sales voice.
That’s it. I was tired of being pushed around by these salespeople just because I only wanted to get the “free” print. “We’ve only got one grandmother,” I said, “and she’s blind.”
So ring it up.
I can’t remember what slick Miss Saleslady said to me, then, but there was no pressure.
Genius! Why hadn’t I thought of that before!? I haven’t used that little lie again (although I might have to), but I have gotten a chuckle every time I tell that story, or just think about it. Feel free to drop that one the next time some photo salesperson is pressuring you to buy.

Well, today I had to exaggerate the truth again.
Someone called me from one of those travel places. I swear I do NOT fill out those forms all the time, but I must have entered a contest at the Highland Fling, which is our town’s summer celebration. This is not the first call I’ve gotten about the “FREE” vacation offers, where all you have to do is drag your spouse to some “short” “no-pressure” presentation, and claim your FREE vacation. I have in fact gotten my spouse to attend one or two of these things, and I know enough to not ask him to do that again. So, when I got the call today about the FREE vacation and could my spouse and I come to the presentation, blah, blah, it just slipped out.
“My spouse and I are separated, so I don’t think that is going to work,” I said.
(We are in fact currently ‘separated’. He is in Las Vegas on a business trip. Of course, if he were just at work for the day, I could still say that. We aren’t together in the same room, are we?)
“You are your spouse are separated?” I could hear her voice deflate, “Oh, I’m sorry about that.” And she couldn’t get off the phone fast enough.
Ha! Take that Miss Telemarketer!

So, no, I don’t set out with the intention to lie, but they just make it so darn easy! So, if my nose looks bigger to you today, you’ll know why.

Get your priorities straight, Grommet!

I have a ton of stuff I should be doing.
I need to finish cleaning my kitchen, as I’m hosting a big brunch here on Sunday.
I need to flippin clean up my office. It’s a disaster.
I need to wrap some presents, because I have a huge pile of shipping boxes and shopping bags not so skillfully hidden in my bedroom.
I need to make my treat to take to the Relief Society party tonight.
I need to go out and check on my chickens and see if they’ve left me a very cold egg.
I need to hem those pants for my daughter, that she left hanging on my sewing chair.
I need to finish arranging my furniture in the front room that got rearranged by the Christmas tree.
I need to haul about 60 pounds of crap from the basement to the garbage.
I need to take a shower and get ready for the day. I get to teach 1/2 day at the Jr High today (woo-hoo).
I need to start a load of laundry.

And yet, here I sit, writing Tillamook Cheese Christmas carols for a contest.

The 1st prize is FREE Cheese, people. Free Cheese!

So far I’ve got this little jingle, to the tune of “Have yourself a merry little Christmas”

Have yourself a merry slice of cheddar,
Tillamook’s so light
From now on,
our troubles will be out of sight.

Have yourself a chunk atop a cracker,
make it Tillamook.
It’s so nice
for snacking, won’t you take a look.

Here we are as in olden days,
Happy golden days of yore.
Faithful cheeses are dear to us
Gather near to us once more.

Through the years 
We all will have our favorites,
Colby, swiss, or jack
All the greatest dairy products from the cow.
So have yourself A slice of Tillamook right now.

I can do better, though.


How about this one?

Santa Baby,
Just slip a cheddar under the tree
For me
Been an awful good girl
Santa Baby, make sure that it’s Tillamook cheese

Santa baby, chocolate peanut butter ice cream
A dream
I’ll wait up for you, dear
Santa baby, make sure it comes from Tillamook

Sour cream is oh so smooth
How about a package of Till-a-moos
Next year I could be just as good
If you’ll bring along a block of swiss.

Santa Baby, Colby Jack and Pepper Jack sliced
So Nice
Been an angel all year
Santa Baby, so bring me something Tillamook tonight.

Santa honey, a bag of shredded Mexican blend
Makes our tacos so fine
Santa Baby, make sure it comes from Tillamook

Santa cutie, and fill my stocking baby Swiss
Oh, Bliss
Provalone is so fine
Santa cutie, make sure it comes from Tillamook.

Come and trim my Christmas tree
With some decorations that are Chees-y
I really do believe in you
Lets see if you believe in me

Santa Baby, forgot to mention yogurt so sweet
A treat!
Santa Baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight
Hurry down the chimney tonight

Fabulous Friday Frivolities

I have a few random thoughts to share with you today. Not enough for their own posts, so I’ll just combine them in a random fashion.

—We’ll start with the chickens. The new chickens seem fine in our backyard. I can’t really tell if they are happy with their new arrangement or not, but I’ll assume they are. But they are so much LOUDER than our last group. The first day we got them, I kept thinking something was wrong or that the nasty dogs had wandered in and were terrorizing them. I would run to the back door to check on them, or go out and see. Their previous owner had said that they were very proud when they laid an egg and that they got pretty loud in sharing with the world about their accomplishments. So, I would hear them cackling and think there must be an egg waiting. Nope. They are just loud. I looked them up online and think that they are New Hamshire Reds

In the description it says they are “Friendly,Easily handled,Bears confinement well, Noisy, Docile” Loud. Great. Thankfully our neighbor’s houses aren’t right next to ours, and there’s only one neighbor that I’m worried about hearing them, but now it’s getting cold so our windows will be closed. Won’t have to deal with the loudness till spring. Hopefully. And hopefully I won’t worry about them constantly. And about dogs.

I am a little concerned about keeping them warm enough. We’ve got to get their windows covered with plexiglass or plastic (or make them some cute shutters or curtains…wouldn’t that be cute?) and I’m going to look for a heated water dish and maybe hook up a light in there to keep them a little warmer. The forums are split on heating their coops, though. Some say they need to get used to the cold, others mention that they can get frostbite, so… But we definitely can’t have them out there with open windows.

—Our Japanese exchange student experience is going well. Except that all the fun things I have planned have not worked out. Thanks, FAMILY. “I have volleyball”, “Basketball starts tonight”, “Don’t forget about pack meeting,” “I have to work late to take a conference call”, “My friend is having a party, can I go?” Even my plan for Saturday’s outing isn’t going to work unless we flake on two volleyball games and a basketball game. Ugh. But we have managed to take him to the Dinosaur museum, to OraNGE lEaf for some yummy frozen yogurt, and to Wendy’s for fast food.
We’ve taken him to basketball and played Wii. Tonight is our ward party, and we’ve told him we are all dressing up in Halloween costumes. I think he’s excited about it (or maybe nervous, now that I think about it) because this morning he asked, “Is today Halloween?” and I told him that yes, it was the Halloween party. Let’s hope we don’t scar him too badly.

–I’ve entered a contest (of course I have) and would appreciate your votes. I could possibly win an I-pad. Wouldn’t THAT be cool?! You don’t have to register or anything, just go to this website HERE and vote for my picture

There’s only 15 pictures entered, but I think you can only vote once per computer, because I keep voting, and my status isn’t changing. Maybe I need to go to the Library and vote from there. Or YOU could vote, right? Thanks!

–Halloween decor. Megan and Ryan (mostly Megan) made these cool window monsters that look really cool at night.

If you were to come trick-or-treating at our house, you would see them in their full glory. Fun! And free!

I’m trying to decide what to dress up as for Halloween. My parents came over and took some costumes for their party. I was surprised that they chose a devil and Nemo costumes. Don’t I have fun parents?

What are YOU going to be for Halloween?

What a success! (I say as I pat myself on the back)

This week we had our Hawk Walk awards assembly. It’s the final activity of the fundraiser that I was in charge of for the PTA. If you’d like to read more about our actual walkathon which was held last month, you can read about it HERE. Our theme has been, “We need to raise SUMO money.”
After that we had a lot of lap card counting and tabulating to figure out the top walkers in each grade, the classes who walked the most laps, judge the coloring contest, count money that came in and figure out which classes brought in the most percentage of their envelopes and also the $100 club, or the kids who brought in over one hundred dollars. All of these winners get prizes of some sort. I had planned on treating the class that walked the most laps to lunch from Chick-fil-A WITH the Cow! But we had a little problem with the laps. You see, there were two tracks, and they were both 1/5 mile long. But on one, the track took a slight jog in and out to make it long enough, and come to find out some of the kids just walked straight, which made that lap shorter by about 50 feet. Big deal, right? Oh, the complaints from the teachers! “That track was shorter, and so it’s not fair that my kids were walking on the other track.” Hmmmm, when I look at my schedule, Mrs. We-Have-to-win-at-everything, it shows that you were supposed to walk on that track. If you had only walked on your assigned track, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, would we? (No, of course I didn’t say that! That’s why it’s not in quotes, silly!) I just smiled and said we would take that into account. But then that made me really want that class to NOT win. As I counted the lap totals, I adjusted for the shorter lap, etc. Two classes were neck and neck. Really, it was too close to call it. One was ahead in laps, until I made the adjustment for the cheaters who didn’t walk the actual lap, then the other class was slightly ahead. I wanted to throw out both of those classes (because they ALWAYS win at everything. Overachievers) and say that someone else was the winner. But, even though I am in charge of the event and can really do whatever I want, that would probably be wrong. So, I called those two classes AND the next class that was only a fraction of a lap behind the winners. THREE CLASSES as winners. But then I had a problem. How could I crown three classes the winner, and would I have to change my prize of lunch from Chick-fil-A? ARgh. I called Vern, my super great contact at Chick-fil-A, and we worked something out. I paid as much as I could possibly afford, ($100), and he covered the rest of the cost (which was about $230). They have been SO generous with us!

So, I made certificates, divvied out prizes, stapled the free sandwich and free kids meal gift certificates for every student in the school, distributed all these into the teachers boxes, and was ready for the assembly the next day.

I went Tuesday night to pick up the sumo suits so that I wouldn’t have to rush and get them the morning of. I had asked if that would be ok, but I failed to call the day of and remind her that I was coming to get them. I got there after 7:00, and when I rang the bell, no one was there. This is a home based business, so I could understand that they had stepped out. I called both numbers I had listed, sent a text, did everything I could to contact her, and then came home. I was frustrated and disappointed and kind of mad that I had just wasted an hour (and the gas) driving out there and gotten no sumo suits. I was going to let my kids play around in them that night, too. Darn. As I got home and sent her an email, the horrible thought came to my mind….”What if she’s out of town and I can’t get the suits for tomorrow?!” Then the panic really started to kick in. It had been a really bad day, I was feeling fluish, and just wanted to go to bed, but I was worried about the suits. Thankfully, she called me back at about 8:45 and apologized over and over and over. I understand that these things happen, and I told her I would just come in the morning at about 8:30.

The next morning, I picked up the suits and floor mats without incident, went to the school to do my last certificates, and set things up. The principal even let me drive my car around to the back to set up. I felt like SUCH a rebel!

(Here’s a suit waiting to be worn)

The weather was perfect! I had worried that it might rain, but it was wonderful. Chilly but not too cold (although cold is good if you’re going to be throwing yourself around in a huge sumo suit). The sun was shining, and the kids were excited.

(especially this cute kid!)

We started the assembly, and I got to thank them all for their hard work and tell them how successful our event was. We actually raised more money than we EVER have doing this thing, so I feel pretty good about that. I announced the names of the fastest walkers and the $100 club, but I didn’t call them up. They get their certificate back in class and then we don’t have to deal with a bunch of confusion with kids coming up to get their prizes (yes, I’m brilliant!). I made a big deal about how we had THREE class winners, and there was much cheering when I announced those classes. Then I turned the time over to our principal, and they had a whole schtick worked up.

First came the silly string. There must always be silly string.

Then the office ladies came out as witches to pronounce a hex on the teacher who was wrestling the principal. It was so cute!

Such fun! Such drama! Then they wriggled into the suits and had the actual SUMO part.

I was laughing so hard! It was GREAT!!
We declared the teacher the winner and let them get out of their suits. I thanked the kids again, and sent them back to class. And it was over! Well, not quite over. I had to pack up the suits then get ready for our reward lunch, which was happening in about 45 minutes.

The lunch with the cow was also a big success! The kids got to come down early and eat chicken nuggets and brownies and lemonaide with the fun and friendly cow, and it was a lot of fun.

We were a bit stingy on the chicken nugget distribution, and therefore ended up with quite a bit left over. Looking back, we should have given all the kids one more nugget each, and it would have been about perfect, but we didn’t want to run out at the end. We made up plates for the office lady, the principal, the teacher who wrestled, and the custodians. We also had some. There was still enough for me to bring home and feed my family for dinner.

So now it is over! Me and the cow and the sumo suits, we throw a great party.

And I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out! Hooray for me!

Really big check?

On Wed I was searching for safety pins at Wal-mart. I ended up buying ALL that they had, and I had to go to another store to get more. You’d think that they would carry more than 600 safety pins, wouldn’t you? Anyway…. as I was looking at the Halloween stuff, I got a text from my friend and fellow primary presidency member that said, “Call 97.9 if you haven’t already.”

I thought of the current contests and ongoing things I have signed up for, and remembered that 97.9 is awarding $500 a day to a listener when they call back if they hear their name. I hurriedly texted back, “Did they call my name?” and then looked through my phone for their phone number. It’s not one of the regulars that is the call sign in their phone number, it’s like 877-551…etc… Thankfully I had the number in my phone, and I called them. It rang a bit, and then the DJ answered. I said, “This is Paige Erickson. I’m supposed to call you?”
“Only if you want to collect $500,” he said. “Did you hear your name?”

I didn’t want to lie, so I told him that I was actually inside Walmart right then, but a friend heard my name and sent me a text. He said that was good enough.

Woo Hoo! $500 bucks!

The best part was that I got to hold a VERY BIG check!

Haven’t you always wanted to win a very big check! I know I have! Even Michael Scott from the office had dreams of presenting their fun run money to the hospital in the form of a really big check. The kids all wanted to hold it, too. My apologies to the secretary up there at the radio station, but we all had to hold the check.

Well, we can’t all be winners all the time.

In general, I prefer winning to not winning. Or losing. Unless we are talking about losing weight, and then I would certainly like it. Not winning makes me sad. Until the next contest, and then I will probably find hope again and enter. But today, I’m a loser. And I’m grumpy. My daughter asked, “Mom, when’s the next trip you are going to win?” and I snapped back at her, “You mean LOSE? Probably today. I’ll probably NOT WIN a trip even today. But please don’t ask me when I’m going to WIN something.”

I think I’ll stick with radio contests where the announcer can tell me “Sorry, you’re caller #9” when if only I were #10 I would win the U2 concert tickets. Then I can growl to myself and be done with it. I should avoid contests where I have to get people to vote for me. Because then I put a lot of time and energy into asking people to vote. Then they get annoyed with me because I’m just schmoozing them because I want something from them, and then, even after all my hard work, I can’t get enough votes. Then it’s a public loss. Everyone KNOWS I was trying to win something, because I had to ask them all to vote, and then they all KNOW that I didn’t win.

But what kind of an example am I setting for my kids if I am grumpy every time I lose? It’s baseball/softball season starting up now, and we have about 30 more games to get through before the season is over. If my kids got all grumpy and felt bad every time they lost a game, that would be a whole lot of grumpy people living in our house, wouldn’t it? Part of playing the game is learning how to be a good winner AND a good loser. Heck, even Jimmer lost some games, right?

So, no, I didn’t win the makeover contest. I didn’t even make it into the 15 finalists. I don’t always get what I want. Big deal. Would you like to come over and help me paint? I need to take my own advice, and “suck it up.” And I’ll go on to lose some more. Oh, hey….I think they’re asking for caller 10. Gotta go….it’s time to try to win something.

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