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Really big check?

On Wed I was searching for safety pins at Wal-mart. I ended up buying ALL that they had, and I had to go to another store to get more. You’d think that they would carry more than 600 safety pins, wouldn’t you? Anyway…. as I was looking at the Halloween stuff, I got a text from my friend and fellow primary presidency member that said, “Call 97.9 if you haven’t already.”

I thought of the current contests and ongoing things I have signed up for, and remembered that 97.9 is awarding $500 a day to a listener when they call back if they hear their name. I hurriedly texted back, “Did they call my name?” and then looked through my phone for their phone number. It’s not one of the regulars that is the call sign in their phone number, it’s like 877-551…etc… Thankfully I had the number in my phone, and I called them. It rang a bit, and then the DJ answered. I said, “This is Paige Erickson. I’m supposed to call you?”
“Only if you want to collect $500,” he said. “Did you hear your name?”

I didn’t want to lie, so I told him that I was actually inside Walmart right then, but a friend heard my name and sent me a text. He said that was good enough.

Woo Hoo! $500 bucks!

The best part was that I got to hold a VERY BIG check!

Haven’t you always wanted to win a very big check! I know I have! Even Michael Scott from the office had dreams of presenting their fun run money to the hospital in the form of a really big check. The kids all wanted to hold it, too. My apologies to the secretary up there at the radio station, but we all had to hold the check.


  1. That is so much cooler than shopping for safety pins! You are my idol.

  2. That is so awesome!! And really nice that your friends texted you!! So did you have to fill out a BIG deposit slip when you deposited the BIG check?? haha!!

  3. Too cool Paige. I’ve always wanted one of those really big checks. I would also like a really small check…with a really big number on it. Congratulations!

  4. Wow! You didn’t mention that when I talked to you. Way to go! What are you going to spend it on?

  5. Fantastic! You are one of the luckiest people I know!

    btw, what did you need 600 saftey pins for?????

  6. WAY.COOL! And you didn’t mention anything about it at dinner ? 🙁

  7. Wow, congrats! Is that contest still going on?

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