a>little kids at disneyland

Are you wondering when I’m going to tell you about our trip? Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten. I’ve just been busy. BUT, to get you in the spirit of Disneyland, you could go here
and vote for our photo, which is number 251. Aren’t the kids SO CUTE? They were so tiny! And so darling! They are still cute now, but not quite so tiny, and not quite so darling. But I still love them.

It’s easy, you just enter your email address, take a moment to register (if you haven’t already) and then click on #251 to vote. I know it’s a long shot that we will have enough votes. The last few times I have tried to garner enough votes for anything, I’ve failed miserably, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. So, go vote! Vote today, vote tomorrow, vote the next day….