I had to get chicken feed, so I went to IFA. Luckily, I went alone, or I may not have been able to handle the temptation! You see, the tiny chicks are in, and they are JUST. SO. CUTE.

I to reach in and pet them, and look over what breeds they had and what color eggs they would lay and all that. But I DID NOT BUY ANY. We do not want to go through all the work and the stink and the mess that little chicks take. I want to buy some teenage ugly chickens so they can live outside sooner.

As I was walking back to the front of the store, an errant little chick was just out walking on the floor! I picked it up and cuddled it for a moment before I took it to the girl at the checkout desk. It’s just so fluffy! I could have just slipped that little chick in my pocket and brought it home, and then been surprised to see what kind of chicken it grew into, but I was strong.


I don’t know if could have been quite as strong if I’d had any kids with me. Must avoid IFA for the next month.