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Flush! We can flush!

When we came back from our little California trip, Ryan and I got busy doing the grout. Seriously. Ryan did most of the work, I washed behind him with a big old sponge.
Later he told me I’d been doing it wrong, so I’m not sure how much good I did, but I worked for two hours, so it must have been SOME help, right? The next day we were set to have our baseboards finished and then carpet the day after that! Because of the radient floor heating, it took the carpet guys two days to install the carpet instead of one, but that’ fine. No worries, we are getting CARPET!


So by Thursday, things were looking pretty good down there. 018

Of course, we have to fill in the nail holes in the trim, and do some paint touch ups, etc, but progress is being made, my friends! We put in the vanity I had bought, and then Saturday Ryan and I went shopping.
WE first went to Lowe’s, where we picked out a toilet, sink and countertop and fixtures. Amazing, right? It’s not too hard to pick those kind of things out, actually. Ryan picked the toilet he wanted, I said ok. I picked the countertop I liked from the vanity tops in stock, and then we picked the faucet fixtures together.


Of course, we had to get those items home and down to the basement, but luckily we have a few helpers around.

Megan even helped Ryan install the sink!

The toilet has a cool “no slam” feature where the lid closes slowly. Kind of like those self closing cabinet and drawer doors we were admiring at the Home Improvement store (drool).


After our shopping trip for the bathroom, we went quickly over to Knight’s furniture to show Ryan the bed I was thinking of getting for Cole’s room. He approved, and while we were there, we went tover to take a quick look at the couches. What do you know, we found one for a GREAT price, AGREED on it, and picked it out right then. My goodness, when we are in the mood to shop and buy, we don’t waste time. The couch was in stock and ready to take home that day, but we were in the suburban at the time, so we had to go home, unload the toilet and sink, and then I could take the truck back to the furniture store to pick up the couch.

I don’t have things all arranged yet to post pictures, but we’ll just say there was a lot of couch moving, and taking things downstairs over the weekend!


  1. What exciting progress!! So happy for you. And even, better, it’s awesome to hear of a couple who can go shopping together and AGREE!! Yay for marital harmony!! Can’t wait to see the pictures. And hear about your chickens some more.

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