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A Blast from the past

Thanks to facebook, I’ve gotten in touch with one of my mission companions this week.
I had kept in contact with her for a while through Christmas cards, and then,like most people, she dropped off the radar. But through the magic of the internet, she’s found me. And what do you know, she’s living in Germany?! After we emailed, she called me, and it was so much fun talking to her. That brought back such great memories of the fun times we had in Germany. So, then I had to go and look up the pictures.

This is where we lived in the great city of Duisburg.

Nice area, right? That’s what we thought. We were in a Turkish neighborhood, which was interesting. But we were always able to find a good Döner kebab, and got invited in for tea with the neighbors a few times.

We worked hard trying to find and teach people the gospel, but we also had a lot of fun.

This is a picture from one day when the Elders must have been out of money before they ran out of month. They called us in despiration, “Sisters, we’re starving and we don’t have any money.” I’m guessing they had used their money buying kebabs. We were kind and made them lunch. It looks like it was pancakes. And why are we eating off an ironing board, you might ask? Well, we didn’t want to out and out break the rules, and the rule was the Elders were not allowed in our apartments. So we had to come up with a creative solution. I think this was in the hallway or back landing or porch or something like that.

Gosh, don’t we look young? That’s because we were young. I was about 23 at the time. As much as I don’t like to admit it, that was a long time ago.

We were allowed one day a week to do our personal stuff, like laundry, letter writing, grocery shopping and the occasional outing. It seems like most of my pictures are from that personal day, since that’s when we were allowed to let loose and have some fun.

And after I became “friends” with my old friend Tammy, face book recommended a couple of other people that I might just want to be friends with, and I found a couple of Elders from the mission, too.

So here I sit at the computer. In my pajamas. Not going to church today because Megan and I are still getting over our bout with the flu. And I’m looking over my mission pictures and laughing.

Memories…like the corner of our minds….


  1. These pictures are exactly how I picture you in my mind, since I’ve hardly seen you since. You know something, we should plan a roommate reunion sometime. I don’t even know where everyone is now. . . .

  2. Sorry to hear you’re sick!

  3. Is that a Vanagon in that one picture?????

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