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When Ryan told me that a member of the bishopric had called and wanted to talk to me, I was a little surprised. Surely it wasn’t a call to give me a new calling. I’ve only been a Young Women adviser for a few months, so there was no way they would release me. Maybe they were wanting me to give a talk in church. Or maybe music specialist for the Young Women was an actual callling, not just something I was doing in addition to teaching. Either way, I wasn’t too worried.

But when he came by Thursday night right before dinner and asked if he could talk to both Ryan and I, I got a little bit worried. I may have even been a little bit rude. “You aren’t releasing me from my calling,” I said, “I have only been doing this for a little while, and I love it.”
“Well, we’d like to release you from that calling and give you a new calling,” he said.
“No. I’m not leaving”
“Well, it’s already done.” I’m sure he was trying to be gentle, but let’s face it, he’s not making any friends, here. “We’ve called a new Relief Society President, and she’d like to have you as her first counselor.

I think the color may have drained from my face. “What?!” Don’t these people know that I already HAVE a calling? A calling that takes me away from home at least one night a week? A calling from which (thank goodness!) they won’t release me for another 9 years?

Well, I told them yes, I would do it. It made me feel good when a friend told me that this president had her pick of everyone, and she chose me to be her counselor. When I asked her what she was thinking, she said, “We need someone fun in the presidency. I’m old and boring, and we need someone young and fun.” Young and fun I can do. But what about all that other stuff that comes with this job? How am I going to do that?

Sunday we went to sacrament meeting and they sustained us as the new RS presidency, but I didn’t feel any more Relief Society-ish. I just want to stay and have fun with my girls in the Young Women.

But–I will do this calling and have a good attitude about it. There must be some reason that I am meant to be in this calling at this time. Either I need to do this to learn and grow myself, or there’s something I can give to the women in my ward, or both. I am worried that it will demand a lot of time, and I’m already gone from home a lot, but at least it won’t be every Tuesday night, like the YW calling has been. That’s been kind of hard on Ryan to have me gone two nights in a row EVERY week, and then sometimes I’ve got things on Thursday nights, too.

So, wish me luck as I embark on this new adventure. The Relief Society Diaries. And, hey, I already know how to make funeral potatoes, so that’s one less thing I need to worry about.


  1. Man, I wish I had you as a counselor in MY relief society! That would be a party!

  2. You will be awesome. Every RS should have a “Julie Cruise Director.” Just remember, they’re all grown up Young Women!

  3. Good for you having such a good attitude. And they definitely picked the right person for fun! You will do a great job!!

  4. good luck! at least you’re going in with a good attitude; that usually makes the whole experience better. 🙂

  5. Hey Paige!!! That is great…Congratulations! Your ward is lucky to have you serving them. I think you are the best and am surprised you aren’t the President….of the RS of course…

  6. I can see you doing much good in your new calling. I’ve had that calling, by the way. As I recall, you are in charge of the education, so if someone can’t give their lesson, you have to find a sub or else teach it yourself. Joy! But its always fun to work with a good presidency, and I know you will bring the fun factor into whatever you do. Congratulations!

  7. Everything happens for a reason. We don’t always know that reason, but I know there is indeed a reason. I wish you many blessings in your new role. I stopped by today as I’m working on visiting the many blogs from Bloggy Carnival now that I have time to read and comment.

  8. Congratulations! I’m sure you’ll grow to love this calling and your RS sisters too.

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