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Boys can enjoy those littlest pet shops animals, too. When he asked me to play with him, I was surprised. Usually he plays with his little guys or cars and makes all the noises and the voice, and when I try to play with him, he gets mad. But he actually wanted me to play with him the other day. He handed me two of the littlest pet shops pets and said that was all I got. Two? And he got all the rest? Well, eventually we were playing together and shared the little pie and bones and ice cream and had a fun time.

Maybe I’ll get those out for him to play with today. I get to clean out the mud room. Wish me luck. So far this morning we’ve found Natalie’s missing library book and about four pairs of shoes that nobody claims are theirs. I’m hoping not to find anything dead or rotting. Maybe I’ll even find money! I *should* go and take a before picture, and then later take an after picture, but I don’t think I want anyone knowing what my mudroom before looks like. If you’re free right now and want to come help, I wouldn’t turn you away.


  1. That pic of John is sooooo adorable! He’s growing up way to fast!

  2. What a cute picture of John. Nice he let you play! Good luck on the mud room.

  3. That’s sweet! Not the mudroom part, the LPS’s. A lot of those look familiar 😉

    Good luck with the mudroom. Even if you don’t share the before/after pics, I still think you should take them for yourself. Always makes me feel good and I’ve got evidence that I totally rocked my project!

  4. I love those Littlest Pet Shop figures. Something about their big eyes and wobbly heads gets me every time. Anna Marie got The Littlest Pet Shop game for her fifth birthday, and we played it just a couple days ago when she was home from school.

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