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Nothing brings a gal out of a blogging slump like a new WalMart, I tell you! Yesterday was the grand opening of our new WalMart, and I felt like I was out of the loop. Was I the only person who didn’t go on that day? I picked up the little boys for preschool, and all they could talk about was going to WalMart and getting their free chocolate milk and fee cinnamon rolls. Well, we can’t be left out in the cold, so we went today.


There were plenty of cars in the parking lot, but it wasn’t TOTALLY crowded like it had been yesterday when I drove by. I was pleasantly surprised. Inside, we were greeted immediately by a greeter, and a storm trooper.


Made of Legos. I have no idea WHY there was a Lego storm trooper, but we had to get a picture. John did NOT want to stand close. Maybe he was afraid of touching it. I don’t know.

Besides Mr. Lego Stormtrooper, there weren’t that many people in the lovely WalMart! It was nice and clean, organized, and quiet! Amazing! It was wonderful! We went to the bird see isle, then wandered through frozen foods. And what do you know? We saw two people we knew. After chatting up the joys of this new and glorious walmart, we made it to the produce section.


Is that beautiful or what?

When we went to check out, there was only one person in line in front of us. At noon. I’ve been to other WalMarts and had to wait 15 minutes in the check out line. I can’t believe it! I guess I hope that it won’t always be that slow, because we don’t want it to close down or anything, but I felt like a priviledged “guest” shopper! I chatted with the cashier, and she told me that yes, it had been REALLY busy yesterday and that it had been a little busy today, but that it wasn’t too bad.

On the way out I passed the soft drink shrine.


I just had to take a picture. And of this one outside.


There’s a Subway sandwich shop inside the store, and as I was leaving, I realized that THAT was where the crowd was. You see, this store was built directly across the street from the High School. Wise. Very wise. Because at lunch time, where do they all want to go? To the WalMart. Yes Sirree. As I was loading my groceries into the car, I saw throngs of students walking over. Hoards, even.


Ok, this picture doesn’t really show the hoards of students walking through the parking lot, but there were lots. And they are going to keep that Walmart and the Subway inside in some pretty good business, that’s for sure.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised. The store was clean, well organized, smaller than the usual super Walmart, and everyone seemed happy to be there. We didn’t get free cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk, but we did get donut samples, chocolate milk samples, and orange samples. Best of all–it’s 1.5 miles from my house. I could WALK there. Not that I would, because then I’d be dragging home my groceries and I’d get pretty dang tired. But I COULD. If I wanted to.


  1. Isn’t it nice with something so fun comes close to home?

  2. How fun! Now we have three Wal-Marts in our near vicinity. I try to avoid it generally, but there are some things I can’t get anywhere else.

  3. How nice for you. My Walmarts are much farther away. I do most of my shopping there, except for groceries that I can’t get at the non-super Walmart. I also wish I had a Kohls.

  4. Our WM recently got a makeover, but what’s that old aphorism about putting makeup on a pig? Maybe I’m mixing my metaphors, but you can’t slap on a new coat of paint and some Pergo and have the same awful service, and think your customers won’t notice!

    (Sorry for the rant!)

    Your new store really does look nice, and Anna Marie would have been totally psyched at the sight of that trooper!

  5. Maybe this isn’t funny to you, but as I was reading your latest entry, I kept wondering what it would have to do with Walmart! My computer’s a little slow sometimes. Hope all is better at your house!

  6. I’m so jealous. I wish I had a super walmart that close. but it will never happen for me.

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