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I’ve lost the will to blog

I haven’t been blogging much lately. Have you missed me? Have you wondered, “Why isn’t Paige blogging regularly this past week?” Did you even notice, or have you not checked anyway? It’s not that I haven’t had tons going on that I could blog about.

I could blog more about basketball, and how Megan’s team WON THEIR GAME on Thursday against that super good team, but lost to them on Friday night, so they took second place overall in the under 13 bracket. And I could mention how I went to Cole’s Grand Concert on Friday night instead of going to Megan’s championship game, and how I was on the phone with my friends until just a few minutes before the concert started trying to get all the details. I could mention that I called Ryan at the game, and he was extremely short with me. “Score’s 11 to 15, the other team’s ahead. Can’t talk now,” was about the gist of my conversation with him.

Or I could blog about toilets. Yes, indeed, toilets. We’ve had some toilet incidences around here lately, and I actually bought two brand new plungers today while at Target. There ought to be something funny in that, right? But I couldn’t come up with a decent post about it, so it doesn’t get a post. I will share a knock knock joke that is in the toilet family, which I credit to my friend Courtney and her first grade students.
“Knock knock”
“Who’s there?”
“Freep who?”
“Bwaaa, haaa, haaa, haaa!!! Freep Who!!!! FREE POO!”
I know. Extremely funny if you are in first grade.

I could regale you with tales of our ALL DAY bell choir activities on Saturday. And when I say all day, I really do mean All Flippin Day. Seriously. We got there at 8 am, and we left a little before 6 pm. All day. It was exhausting. But, really, unless you are a bell ringer, you don’t want to hear my stories of our bell exploits and the guest director and what we had for lunch and the big old thick gymnastics pad that Lynda was smart enough to bring for us to stand on for all those hours of ringing. Do you?

I could tell about our fun family home evening that we had this week, where instead of having a lesson, we played a fun game called Burn the House down. It was really a trial run for me, since I’m also going to do that game for our Relief Society party in a couple of weeks. I think it went very well, and the whole family (21 of them in all last night) seemed to have a good time. My niece even left us a thank you note on a scrap of paper that said, “Thanks for hosting such a fun FHE!”

I could bemoan my constant failure in the “Biggest Loser Challenge” I’m doing with my sister and some of her friends right now. And how in 6 weeks I have only lost 5 pounds. I could probably write quite a lot about that. But it would be no fun to read, since it’s no fun to do, and I’m not succeeding at it anyway.

Or I could write something awe inspiring about the blossoming of spring and how I love hearing the birds outside and seeing the tulips and the daffodils and the crocuses coming up through the cold dirt. I could, really.

That is, I could write about those things if I had the tiniest spark of creativity in my brain right now.
(Sound of crickets chirping)

But sometimes there just isn’t any creativity going on. Sometimes I (gasp) can’t think of anything witty or even fun to write. Sometimes I’m just boring.



  1. You just need to recharge at book club tomorrow.

  2. Boring??? Never!!! Your home is my kid’s favorite vacation spot. I want to know more about the “Burning Down the House” game.

  3. Paige you are never boring. Impossible. Maybe a little low on fuel.

  4. I would like the instructions to “Burn the House Down.”

  5. I also would like to know more about the game. I’ll ask you at book club. I know what you mean about blogging bog down. Just look at mine this month = boring daily journal entries.

  6. Amen, Sister. I haven’t blogged in about three weeks, all except the spoken word painting updates. I don’t know why either–I guess there’s stuff happening, but I just don’t feel like blogging about it. Ack, our creativity! Where can we go to get it back??

  7. Oh, and NEVER feel bad for having lost five pounds! That’s awesome!

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