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Fresh and (whistle here) clean as a whistle

We have a lot of deer where we live. In fact, last year we received a nice letter from them thanking me for all the lovely tulips I plant. I read in Martha Stewart magazine that to repel deer, put Irish Spring shavings on the plants that you are trying to protect. Then when the deer lean down to nibble on the crunchy goodness that is your favorite tulip plant, they’ll smell the strong “clean as a whistle” smell and turn away.

I decided to give it a try. A few bars of soap is cheaper than the pre-bottled deer repellent, and it smells better, too.

First we grated our soap.
The kids were a big help with this one, as they really like to use the cheese grater. Once they got the hang of it, they could do soap, too.
Of course, we found out that these little soap flakes also repel my dear husband. He came home from work and said, “What is that smell?” and began with the sneezing. We had a few shavings on the floor, I’ll admit, and there was a distinct soap smell.

Next we went outside and sprinkled the lovely green shavings on all the tender tulips. I had to show the kids which ones were tulips, and I must admit they put some on other plants, too, but I don’t think that will hurt anything.

When Ryan’s parents came the next day, they asked about the bright green shavings on the plants, but after a day or so the color faded so it’s hardly noticeable. And I must say, there has not been any tulip munching going on. I do not know if the deer just haven’t been around, or if we are really repelling them. We’ll have to wait and see.

With the snow yesterday, I fear the effectiveness of the soap may have worn off. Or washed away. So we’re going to be giving them another sprinkle or two of the soap once the snow all melts.

Great idea? or silly soap waster? Ryan laughs at my “soap deer repellent”, but I am not deterred in my efforts to save my tulips.

Manly? Yes. But I like it, too!


  1. My sister grew her own flowers for her wedding and put big bars of soap all around the yard. (I was raised in an area with a huge deer population). Anyway, it seemed to work.

  2. I second Ryan’s opinion. Can’t stand the smell of that stuff. Does that make me half-deer?
    This is the time of year that I really envy you. I miss UT spring so much, and the idea of actually being able to grow tulips, not buy them at the store . . . . sniff!

  3. I think it was well worth a try.
    At least you had green soap and not orange. 🙂
    Wonder if it would work for a small corn crop?

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