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A good day

It was a good day today.

No, I didn’t win the car yesterday, but I’ll tell you a funny story about the contest. Once I had tried my key and it didn’t work, I sat back by Ryan’s brother, Kyle, who is my contest buddy at this kind of things. When they called his number and he got up to win, I said, “Go win that car!” to him. When he got to the front to try his key, the announcers said, “What? No kiss for luck?” To which Kyle responded something like, “I don’t think my wife would like that too much. She’s my sister-in-law.” We both had a laugh at that one. Because Kyle wins so many things, when I call in and win, they say, “Erickson. Are you Kyle’s wife?” It was a beautiful day with the sun shining, though, and I did manage to get a nice sunburn on my chest. A lovely v-neck of a sunburn. Ouch. Oh well, I can enjoy that sunshine now that it’s snowing outside, and remember the nice day we had yesterday.

Today we had really good meetings at church. I was a little bit worried when, during Sunday School class I realized that I hadn’t seen the Relief Society teacher for the next hour’s class yet. I started to panic just a tiny bit. What if she doesn’t come? As the Education Counselor, does that mean that I would have to teach the lesson? Do I even have any IDEA what the lesson is supposed to be on today? I really should have a back up lesson ready for times like this….Oh, she just walked in. Big sigh of relief. Her lesson was really a good one, too.

After church we came home for lunch, and Natalie made cookies. I took a nap (sunburns wipe me out!) Later we went to the Dedication broadcast of the Draper Temple. Although it was a long time to be sitting in our seats, the kids did REALLY good, and I was so glad they all got to come with us. Well, everyone but John. John got to go hang out with our friends, who weren’t going to the dedication. There was a wonderful feeling there, and I can’t wait to go to the new temple.

After that, it was cold and the wind was blowing outside. We made a quick dinner of scrambled eggs, and then we let the kids watch an old episode of the Amazing Race (we have to screen them first before we let the kids watch), and then once they went to bed we watched this weeks episode. We were sad that it ended the way it did, but I won’t say any specifics just in case you haven’t watched it yet.

It was a nice day. Yes, it is snowing outside right now. I can handle it. Hopefully it will rain and rain and rain to water the hollyhocks I transplanted on Friday, and to soak in that fertilizer that Ryan just put down.

How was your weekend?


  1. Your perspective and happiness about life are two of your greatest talents. I’m sure that’s why they wanted you in RS and why they’re desperately missing you in YW. So glad I’ve found you again, my friend!

  2. First, I’m sorry you didn’t win the car. I hadn’t heard about the contest.

    Regarding the teacher you were scared might not show up, yes, I had that calling once and that worried me, too. Its a good idea to call her the day before, make sure you know that the lesson is, and be sure you read it a couple of times and underline things. Then you might be able to lead some kind of discussion if she doesn’t show up.

    Saturday we got a load of tree trimmings taken to the dump and a load of mulch brought back. So that’s waiting for distribution. Sunday we were invited to Don Allen’s for an open house for their grandson who just returned from his mission. That was really nice, especially that I didn’t have to fix anything. Then we went to the dedication of the Draper Temple (stakehouse, of course)and waited and waited until it started (we got there an hour and 10 minutes before it started). We are excited to go there, too.

    Now I’m getting everything ready for my big day tomorrow when we have our RS Birthday Party. I have to set up tables, chairs and decorationsup, buy a specialty loaf of bread as a gift for the speaker, make food, go to a CES class, maybe babysit 2 children while their mother shops for food at Costco for our party, entertain the speaker and her husband during our dinner (just talk) and then introduce her. I am very nervous about how the day will go. Wish me luck.

  3. Sorry no car.

    Love your blog.

  4. Good luck Mom!

    Too bad you and Kyle both didn’t win the car. What kind was it?

    I can’t believe we missed the dedication! I read about it on the church news, and it sounded awesome. I’m also excited to go through the new temple, since it seems different–sort of in between the Salt Lake temple and the Timpanogos temple.

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