Wow, last night I had the clearest dream! I won a trip to Disneyland from KUTV news. They asked a question about a recipe they had posted, and even though I was the first caller, I didn’t know what kind of soy sauce they had used in the recipe. But she told me on the phone that it was “Saw Soy”, and that it was a really odd recipe made with apple juice. So, I hung up and dialed again (as I usually do). I ended up being the 30th caller, and all the others had not known the answer (not likely), so when she asked me again what kind of soy sauce they used in the recipe, I knew the answer. Then she asked what kind of juice , and I knew that, too. So, I ended up being the last winner (out of 6 or 7) of a trip to Disneyland, leaving on the next Tuesday (and in my dream it was Friday.)

So, I had to fill out all sorts of paperwork, get tickets and all that, and then meet with the other winners for a picture before we went.

It was all so real! I was so dissappointed when I woke up and thought about it for a minute, that we weren’t really going to Disneyland next week after all. Now I’m bummed. I’ve lost my trip to Disneyland, and it’s not even 8 in the morning. I’ll try to pick up the pieces of my shattered life and move on.

In totally unrelated news, we went to Hollywood video last night to pick up a movie for the kids for FHE, and the clerk there was heckling me!
“Looks like you haven’t been here for a while. Your last rental was in…2004?”
“Um..that sounds about right. We -er-usually go to the American Fork store.”
“Well, that one’s closed now.”
“It looks like back in March you had a free movie rental coming. Do you want to use that, or you could just give it to me,” He was obviously joking.
“Oh, great! I”ll take a free rental!” I should have grabbed something that I want to watch, like “just like heaven”, but I knew I’d probably not get around to watching it. That’s why we haven’t rented stuff. With tivo, who has time to watch movies anymore?
So, as I was leaving with my three kid movies, he smiled and said, “So, we’ll see you in around, 2008?”
Ha! Smart aleck. I’ll show you. I’ll stop coming here. Well, that wouldn’t be any big loss, now would it. Good thing it wasn’t some pimply faced teenager giving me a hard time, or I might have been offended.