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Stubborn. And Stupid. Stubbornly Stupid.

Why are kids so stupid? And so stubborn about it? They are stupidly stubborn. Don’t they know that their mother knows more than them? Arrgh!

I just spent 10 minutes in the car trying to make my daughter put on her gloves and her hat. It’s 31 degrees outside, and she’s going to be outside playing soccer for the next two hours. Don’t you think it would be smarter to WEAR A HAT!? I did manage to get her to put on gloves, but she ran out hatless, even when I told her I wouldn’t pay her for babysitting last night if she didn’t put. that. hat. on. Do you know what she said? “How much are you going to pay me for babysitting? Two dollars? I’ll go without the hat.” That is what she said to me.
“It was going to be THREE DOLLARS!” I felt like yelling from the car window. But that would let all that cold air in, so I didn’t do it.

The other day, on our first of three freezing snowing windy games this week, she came down dressed in her shorts and short sleeved soccer jersey. Um, no. “Go back upstairs and find a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt to put on under that. You also need pants, leggings or tights,” I said calmly.
“Ti-ights?” she whined. She said the word ‘tights’ like it was a fatal disease and I was asking her to lick it.
She stomped up the stairs (the image of which just makes me think of 30 Rock and how Kenneth sees everyone as muppets, and Liz Lemon stomps on by with her arms all swinging. Ohh, that was SO funny!) and came back shortly with a turtleneck shirt under her jersey, and her favorite track pants that are her brother’s hand me downs that she would wear every day if I let her. And her shorts over that. Yes, it looked a little silly, but I wasn’t going to complain. She was, after all wearing pants. I then got out the glove and hat box (the box that I had thought we were DONE with this season) and found matching gloves, an ear warmer headband, and a hat. “Here you go. You’ll need to wear these. It’s going to be REALLY cold. That put her over the edge.

“This is the only thing I like in life, and you go messing it up making me wear hats and pants and gloves and stuff!” she said.

“Oh, this is too good,” I said. “Let me just get a pencil and write this down. Would you mind saying that again, because I want to quote you just right when I put this on my blog.” I found a sharpie and a post it note and wrote it down. “..’the only thing I like in life…’ am I getting this right?”

“ARUGH!” she stomped off while I laughed and wrote. She then tried to rip the post it out of my hands, but I’m just too smart for her. Which is the whole point of this point. I am smarter than she is, yet she won’t listen to me. I’m sure I was NEVER like this when I was her age.


  1. it’s only just begun . . . 🙂

  2. Well, Mom, WAS she like this when she was Megan’s age?

  3. It makes me glad my kids are still young enough to just let me boss them around.

  4. Paige, you absolutely were NOT like that at Megan’s age. You were perfect!! And so were Chrissy and Amy!! I’m really not kidding much. But I guess Megan has a warmer body than we do. If she can stand the cold, maybe you should let her try it. Did any of the other kids show up with warm things on?

  5. Glad to know I’m not the only mom dealing with the “Stupidly Stubborn” behavior.

  6. There you go Paige…You were “Practically perfect” even as a teenager…. :o)

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