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Rise and shine, campers and don’t forget your booties ’cause it’s cooooold out there today.

Yesterday, during church, there was a blizzard. I wasn’t in Sunday School (don’t tell anyone) because I’m trying to find out weird of unknown things about all the Relief Society Sisters for a get to know you game I’m doing at our Relief Society Birthday Party this week. Oh, excuse me. I meant our ‘Relief Society Commemoration Celebration’. Anyway, as I walked by the door and saw the snow blowing SIDEWAYS, I had to stop and look. There was another couple standing there in the hall, and we started talking about the snow. As each person came in, they were literally fighting against the wind and covered in snow. One older couple from the other ward came in, and once they got the snow shaken off of them, we started talking with them.

They told us about the Blizzard of 1973. There were snow drifts 12 feet high. Drifts that buried cars, and cut entire neighborhoods off from the rest of the town. She told us how she went to pick up her kids from school in American Fork, and all of the kids said, “Are you going to Highland? Can you take me, too?” So, she ended up taking all of these kids home, through the blizzard and snowdrifts. But then she had all these kids at her house because she didn’t want to risk getting stuck trying to take them all home. The funniest thing, they told me, was that the next day was a beautiful sunny day! When they emerged from their houses, there were cars burried all over the place, and it wasn’t until people got out the backhoes that they got it all cleared.

It was fun to hear a little more history of this small town that we love. It’s not such a small town any more, and we certainly don’t get that kind of extreme weather. But we still get the snow and we still get the wind. When we came home from church, we saw that someone’s blue garbage can had been blown out into the circle. Hey, is that OUR garbage can? Why, yes it is. It blew from it’s spot right by our garage, down our long driveway, and out into the far side of the circle. Thankfully it was still standing up and the recyclables hadn’t blown all over everyone else’s yards.

This morning it looks like we may need to shovel. There’s about four inches of new snow out there. Ah, Spring.

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  1. Not gonna tell you what our weather is this morning . . . that would be cruel.

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