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The Trials of a Busy Mom

Go ahead–make my day

It’s kind of a blah morning for me. I don’t have anything scheduled for the morning, although I have a million things that need to get done. I haven’t exercised in two weeks, so I’m kind of sluggish, but still not feeling up to anything strenuous. (By the way, I went to the vein Dr yesterday, and while they said things are “looking good”, they said that yes, I might have pain and tenderness and swelling from the schlerotherapy for up to four weeks. Four Weeks? Are you kidding me?) I feel like I really should be getting something DONE, since it’s one of the last days of school, and next week I’ll have a million kids swarming the house (well, not a million, it just feels like it sometimes). So, do I concentrate on the laundry room? The kitchen? The outside? The garden? The flowers? The porch? My bedroom? The kids’ bathroom? Any of these things could take up my entire day and wipe me out. I also haven’t made bread in a few weeks, and we could use some bread, for sure.

Then the phone rang. “Oh,” I thought, “maybe it’s someone calling me wanting to do something fun!” I picked it up excitedly. It was a friend of mine. I had given her some tickets to the Bee Gee’s tribute band concert for Monday, and she had seemed excited about going. I asked her if she had gone. She said that she didn’t go, but that the tickets were used, so I’m not sure if she gave them to kids or friends, but I’m happy that someone used them.

Then we got to the GOOD part of the conversation. The part where she asked if she could bring. me. dinner! Let the rejoicing begin! Someone wants to bring me and my family dinner! Oh, that makes e happy! She asked if we had any allergies or picky eaters, to which I said no. I’m not going to discourage her from making anything she wants–she’s an excellent cook.

So, now there’s a bright spot in my day. Whatever things I decide I must do today, making dinner is not one of them. And with that one phone call, my day is looking up.


  1. Four weeks! Must.have.more.dinners!!!

  2. Ah, Sweetie, I’m so sorry you are in such rough shape. I think I wouldn’t worry about the cleaning stuff and just focus on the fun. It will make you heal faster.

    Sending you lots and lots of hugs!

  3. What are you going to do when the kids are out of school? Can you chase them around or what?
    So sorry. Keep thinking positively!

  4. Ouch! So sorry this is dragging on for you. ick. What cool neighbors you have, though! What’d she bring??? I’m sooo curious! 😀

  5. I say rest…The more you rest, the sooner you will heal. The sooner you heal, the sooner you can be back to the things you need to do. As you are sitting there, in your chair, reading your favorite book, drinking lemon-ade…tell yourself, you are “sharpening your saw” ( And enjoy yourself…

  6. Wow a dinner brought in and you didn’t even need to push a baby through the birth canal, impressive. xoxoxo

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