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Time is indeed passing

If my life were a movie, there would need to be a “time is passing scene”. And for my time passing scene, I would chose having John come in to my room to wake me up every morning. When he was little (two or three), he would come in, climb over me into my bed, and whisper “pea-butter toast”. Then when he was a little bit bigger, he would come in and say he was cold. His solution would be to climb in bed and snuggle. Other days he comes in and complains that no one is helping him get his cereal, and when I come downstairs to help him, there are three or four kids sitting around eating cereal. When I ask them why they didn’t help John get his cereal, they say, “He didn’t ask for help!”

This morning he came in and said, “Mom, I need a flashlight.” I asked him why he needed a flashlight, and he said, “I’m doing hand puppets. First you need darkness and second you need light.”

How cute is that?

Well, time is indeed passing. I can’t believe that John is done with preschool. I’ve attended my LAST preschool graduation. I figure I’ve attended at least 9 preschool graduations for my 5 kids (some kids attended more than one year of preschool, you know). Those are always cute. Last year Megan had a 6ht grade graduation. This year Cole is “Graduating” from junior high, and moving on to high school, although there’s no ceremony for him. We’re just lucky he’s made it through junior high and hopes he’s more responsible with his high school years.

Soon I’ll have (gasp) children graduating from high school and moving on to missions or college. Too soon, actually. We’ve got to enjoy the time we have together!


  1. Crazy isn’t it??? Knowing how fast the last 20 years went by…they will be grown before you know it.

  2. Enjoy the high school years, they seem to fly by. As they reach the end of school they turn into some sort of alien and you can’t wait for them to move out.

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