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Poor bunnies

Last year at a garage sale, I picked up the Book of Bunny Suicides. Each cartoon shows one or more white rabbits in their creative attempts to end their lives using a variety of items. While kind of disturbing, it is very funny.

Today the kids were fighting over this book, as kids will often do. You know how they ignore something for months and months until someone ELSE is looking at it and then they want to look at it right this minute? I’m sure you get the picture. Well, John wanted to READ it, and so I told the older kids to let John read it. And read it he did. But after almost each page he had to come over and explain it to me.

“Look, Mom, the bunny’s watching the sharks at the zoo.”

(And he’s got a hammer, ready to break the glass and let the sharks out)

“Look, Mom, the bunny is having a picnic”

(While all the animals are loading onto the ark, the bunnies sit on a blanket outside)

I laughed, but then I said, “John, maybe you shouldn’t be reading that book. It’s a little disturbing, and it’s sad. Why would those bunnies want to kill themselves?”
“I don’t know,” he said. But the kid is smart, and knew I don’t really like talking about death (bunnies or otherwise), so he toned it down for me. “Oh, look at this one, Mom, there’s like two parts of the bunnies! But they’re still ok.”

(The bunny had been sliced in half by ice skaters)

“Oh, look at this one. It’s his dog, and he’s going to jump on the stapler and make the dog mad so he’ll run away,” he said.

But I’m glad he’s still only five and that most of them don’t make that much sense to him, it’s just a silly book about bunnies. But if it made YOU laugh, you can see more of these silly bunnies here.

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  1. oh my gosh! that was very disturbing. I just thought “hey, i’m bored. maybe i’ll read paige’s blog” and what else would i open up to but a fluffy bunny being torn in half. wooh! tell Megan and Cold they did GREAT at the piano thingy!

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