The Trials of a Busy Mom

Shout out to Michelle!

Happy Birthday to my friend Michelle, who’s been my friend since….well, forever, I guess. She was my friend back when we looked like this:


and we danced like this


and this


and helped at a teacher’s wedding


We have dressed up in Matching Halloween Costumes, helped each other plan numerous parties and various capers, and laughed a lot.

Even though we now look something like this

We are still friends, and I’m so thankful for that friendship. Happy Birthday, Mich! I hope it’s a great day!


  1. Mel

    Cute to see those old photos! And I think that’s me with the long hair in pic #3. Happy Birthday, Michelle!

  2. christina

    The real question is, What was Stacie’s mom thinking letting her wear spaghetti straps?????

  3. Mich

    What a great trip down memory lane! Thank you to my dear friend Paige for a wonderful tribute!!

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