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Sports update

Yesterday, John was talking about the “Freeze tag championships” and that his friends would be coming over after school for this important event. Um, okay. So, after school, we called a few of his friends and invited them over. One of the moms said, “Oh, yes, the freeze tag championships! My son told me all about it.” The other moms know about this? Once he had three friends over, I guess that was enough, because they all went outside to play. I don’t know if there was any freezing going on, but they had a good time.

Natalie is starting up volleyball. I’m so glad I have a friend who is willing to coach our daughters on their team. I asked Natalie how it went at practice, and she said, “I am definitely one of the best servers on the team!” I am glad she’s so excited about it.

Megan is full on into fall soccer, and they’ve had some good wins and some other not so good not wins. But even when they don’t win, it’s soccer and she loves it. She’s also been playing YW volleyball, Co-ed Dodge ball at church, and Flag football at school. She came home excited because her team, the Cheez-it’s, won the championship against teams with such names as Step Rebok, Fluffy Green of Sheep, No-names, Hello Kitty Bandaids, and the Terrific Touchdowners.

Tonight is John’s last soccer game. His little team has dominated the pre-K/Kindergarten division. I’m not sure why, but his team is bigger than all the other teams, and they have been doing great, winning all their games. The other coaches look at our team and say, “Are you SURE these are first graders?” Yes, we are sure they aren’t first graders, although quite a few of them, like John, have late birthdays so they are already turning 6. It’s been fun for them to all have a chance to score goals. John says tonight is “his championship game” and he’s very excited about it.

I guess it goes to show that you don’t have to be athletic to have sporty kids. I never would have thought I would have so many kids involved in so many sports. I remember playing YW basketball, softball and volleyball, but that was only so that we’d have enough people NOT to forfeit. I guess I was like the stand-in guy. I go and stand in for the real players so they could have a break. Yep, that was the extent of my athletic ability. And here I’ve got kids who not only play sports, but excel at sports, and love it. I’m glad that there are opportunities for them to play, and that we’ve been blessed to be able to put them in these teams.

Go Team!

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  1. We’re so proud of them all and happy they like sports. Wish we could be closer and see more games. We haven’t had many spare moments for quite some time. We’re also proud of you for managing all the kids and their games and practices. That’s superhuman!

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