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I had a dream I was back in primary, and when asked for the opening song, I just sat there for a long time. I looked through the book and couldn’t find a single song I knew. The primary president finally grabbed a book and said, “We’ll be singing #49,” which was something about Nephi. So, I turned to that page and I didn’t know that song AT ALL! It was a weird feeling.

Sometime later in the dream( or maybe in a different dream, I don’t know) I was going downtown to the summer Olympics, which what do you know, were being hosted in Salt Lake City! Wow! How cool is that? We get two Olympics in less than 10 years! How exciting! I”m going to go to all kinds of stuff, and the opening ceremonies, and closing ceremonies, and, … and… Oh. I guess it’s just a dream. Darn.

And on another note. I don’t know how much more of Lost I can take. Too weird! It just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Here’s Michael taking off in the little boat (like he’s really going to get away–right!), Lock is blowing up the hatch by not pushing the button, Jack and Kate and Sawyer are drugged with little darts, and Henry captures them and away they go? WHATEVER!

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  1. I am totally LOST as well. What kind of ending was that? I am not going to be satisfied until the fall. My hubby and I spent over an hour discussing it afterwards. I guess it gives them a TON of directions for this fall. Regardless, I am not satisfied–rather ticked to be exact!

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