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I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come

I was at Target today scouring the store for the best deals. I was sad that I wasn’t able to take advantage of the deal listed here because some rude person had come before me and taken all of the coupons out of the cute little candle tins. *Sigh*
But I did find a ton of great party clearance items. There were packages of luncheon napkins (20 count) originally priced at $1.59 on clearance for 38 cents. They only had yellow and blue, but I got 5 packages of each color. They also had the plastic tablecovers marked down to 78 cents each (originally $3.14). I picked up a couple of blue and yellow ones of those two. You never know when you might need yellow and blue tablecloths and matching napkins?

Oh, NO! Yes, I DO! What do they call that cub scout banquet? The blue and gold? WHAT HAVE I DONE? I may have jinxed myself! What was I thinking????

No, no. I’m ok. I don’t even have a cub scout aged child right now. I’ll be sure and use these party items up WAY before he reaches cub scouts.

Or maybe I should be safe and just return them.


  1. Return them now! Don’t risk being called into scouts when you don’t have a scout. Don’t do it!!!

  2. As a former Den Leader, that’s exactly what popped into my head! RUN to the store and take them back or donate them to your ward troop for safe keeping 🙂

  3. Good thing you have a big house so you have places to put all that stuff you buy on sale that you may need some day!
    Love you,

  4. Oh, also, you might use those for a Relief Society function some time.

  5. No way. I’m in the take them back camp. Don’t want to jinx yourself. 🙂

  6. Well, my first thought was, “Good for Paige, with all those youngins she has that stuff will go to good use.”

    And then I read about the Cub Scout part.

    Go ahead and donate them!

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