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medicine in the mail

I don’t really use homeopathic products (or “load of crap natural products” as my husband would call them) that much. Not because I don’t believe in them or don’t think they will work as well as the regular over the counter medicines, I just don’t know that much about them. I have friends who know exactly what herb to take for every thing, and what natural cure will beef up your immune system, or help you get over bruises, or even help with cancer. I just don’t have that kind of knowledge, but I’m open to new things.

So I registered for some free homeopathic children’s medicines, and they came in the mail today!

In my little package it said to spread the word and gave a website address so that all my friends with blogs could also try these samples, but when I clicked on the link it said that the free sample promo was over. Darn. But you can still get a coupon if you’d like to try these products for yourself.

We are doing our best to AVOID getting sick (flu shots tonight for the kids), but especially this year, we need to do everything we can to avoid and then fight all colds and the flu immediately.

And in a totally unrelated side note—you want to know what the best part of the vein surgery was? Well, besides getting rid of those awful, painful veins, that is–I am NOT ALLOWED to exercise for two weeks. NOT ALLOWED. Even if I wanted to! Can’t! It takes all the guilt away. No more getting up and putting on my exercise clothes only to wear them around for an hour or two and NOT get to exercising and then guiltily changing out of them because I need to get on with my day. I don’t even put the exercise clothes on. Because exercise is FORBIDDEN for one more week. Wa-Hoo! Not that I feel like exercising in the least. I did make it through rehearsal last night, which was two hours on my feet. It was tiring and a bit painful, but I made it through. And I made it grocery shopping this week, but really, that’s about all I’m up to. So, it’s not like I feel well enough to exercise, but it’s just so nice to know that I CAN’T.

Is that sick and wrong, or what? Now you know just how lazy I really am, and to what extremes I will go to not have to exercise.


  1. That’s why I never put the exercise clothes on in the first place. There are always other things to be done–like wasting all morning on the computer.

  2. My mom swears by the oscillococcinum! Granted, she is all about the homeopathic remedies so this stuff is right up her alley.

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