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The Trials of a Busy Mom

Break’s over. Bring on the guilt.

I went to my vein follow up appointment yesterday. It’s been two weeks since my left leg vein was zapped, and it feels really good. SO much better than my right leg did at two weeks.

The bad thing is, I was really enjoying the “no exercise for two weeks rule”. Seriously. I didn’t have to worry if I should put on work out clothes every morning, and if I could squeeze in some kind of exercise in the morning. It was GREAT! And there was NO GUILT! None. I couldn’t exercise–doctor’s orders. So there was no feeling bad about it. But that’s over, and now if I want to goof around on the computer all morning instead of exercise, I will feel like the big fat lazy girl that I am.


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  1. Exercise for me, k? I still have, let’s see, oh yea, five weeks to go. Not that I’m counting or anything!

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