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What I did today

Today I planted our garden. Yes, I know it’s probably a bit late to be planting things, and we should have gotten it done a couple of weeks ago, but we didn’t manage to get it done before we went on vacation, and subsequently, I got it done today. There are 4 healthy tomato plants (curtesy of Costco), two healthy rhubarb plants that we’ve had for a couple of years (from Ryan’s dad), and today I planted: corn, yellow squash, watermellon, pumpkins, lettuce and carrots. I’m actually excited about the garden, and I hope I can keep up on the watering, weeding and all the other work that goes along with that. I figure if I get one watermellon, that will pay for my packet of seeds. I’ll need one pumpkin, one bag’s worth of lettuce, and one bag of carrots to make the cost of my seeds worth it. I don’t know how many ears of corn we’ll need to break even, but I sure hope we get some corn out of this. John saw the seed packet on the counter said, “Corn on cob? We having corn on cob?” So I need to hide the seed packet or go and get some corn on the cob for dinner.

Ryan is still allergetic (nice made-up word, don’t you think?), and the Russion Olive trees out in the back yard are especially bloomy right now, so I also mowed the lawn. I didn’t do the greatest job of it, and there are some missed spots, but at least I did it, and Ryan didn’t have to go out sneezing and snuffing to do it. But since I hadn’t really planned on mowing the lawn when I went out there this morning (and we have a big lawn and it takes a couple of hours to do it) I ended up with a a tiny sunburn. But I could use a little color on my skin, and it’s not hurting, so I’m ok. Luckily I wasn’t wearing a v-neck, or my neck would be red and flaming.

So, it was a nice day of yardwork. Now I’ve got to get to work on the inside of the house.


  1. Congrats on some jobs well done! And you forgot to mention that Ryan vacuum packed everything in your house yesterday while you worked outside.

  2. You are totally amazing!! how do you do it?

  3. I totally hear you on the allergy thing. Todd is having a serious hard time as well so I have mowed the lawn for the past 2 weeks. I just count it as exercise then I don’ t feel so bad. Although I myself sneeze out of control after mowing, it is worth it to not have a snotty husband (in more ways than one!)

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