–Take 3 kids to grandma’s (done)
–Take 2 birds to the neighbor’s house (done)
–Feed other friends’ birds while they are out of town for the last time (they come home tonight)
–Take 2 more kids to cousins’ house (soon)
–Return the Lost season 1 DVDs to my friend Sherry
–Take the summer fun calendar that I put together to friend Kimberly to copy and distribute
–Get insane amounts of cash out of the bank for taxis and food and everything else
–Pack the father’s day present for my Dad (done)
–Get a book that I think will keep me occupied for the flight (that entails starting about 3 books until I find one that I think is a winner, and then packing a back up book just in case–it’s a long time flying, and for once in my life I won’t have any children on my lap or beside me to entertain and keep from crying)
–Take all the sheets off the beds so the mattresses can “air”
–Clean the house (like that’s going to happen!)
–make sure there is no laundry either in the dryer or in the washer–that could be very very bad
–and, oh yeah–prepare to have FUN!