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Saturday, after going to the Highland Fling Breakfast (pancakes, eggs and ham and cantelope in generous proportions for $1 each? Of course we’re going), we took the kids to see Brother Bear 2. What can I say about it, except that it’s a typical Disney Sequal. With the exception of Toy Story 2, all the sequals are not even 1/2 as good as the first one and usually go straight to video. But the kids really enjoyed it, and it was free. So, right away, I think, “Those are not the original voices for Koda and Kenai, which always bothers me. Can’t they at least get the same actors to voice the characters? ( I just looked up Brother Bear 1, and it was Joaquin Phoenix who played Kenai in the original. I didn’t know that! Maybe they couldn’t get him after he’s played Johnny Cash and all. Hmmmm) Anyway, the whole time I’m wondering who the voice of that bear is, and finally at the end, I read the credits, and it’s Dr. McDreamy! Had I known that Patrick Dempsey was playing the voice of Koda, I would have been a lot more impressed with the movie. Maybe paid a little more attention. Oh well. Your kids will really like it, if you ever decide to see it.

After the movie we came home and the kids had friend over, played outside, watched a movie we had recorded for them, and generally had a fun day NOT doing any jobs.

I made cookies, picked up the kids’ artwork from the city office building, read a book, and generally did NOT do very much productive. It was a great day.

After a dinner of leftovers, we all pitched in to clean up the kitchen (Hooray! Some help!) so we could go back to the city park and play and wait for the fireworks. Ryan bought his Kettle Corn and ice cream that he wanted. The kids played in the sand and playground, and I gabbed with the new neighbors. We had little glow sticks for all the kids. What a perfect evening.

At 10:00, we stretched out on our blanket and watched the greatest short fireworks show in Highland. It’s a whole bunch of good fireworks packed into a short show. About 20 minutes from start to finish, and no waiting around for the next fireworks. It’s a good one for kids, especially, so they don’t have to stay up really really long.

It was a great day–jam packed with fun, and there was very little grumpiness. Hooray!


  1. It sounds fun!! I love Utah for bargain breakfasts!

  2. What were the fireworks for? Did I miss a holiday?

  3. It’s the Highland Fling, our own little city celebration. This weekend is Alpine days, and we can see their fireworks from the back yard, so that’s fun, too.

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