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You know I can’t resist a good contest. It’s like an obsession for me. Seriously. People think I’m just lucky and just “win stuff” without any work at all. My kids will say, “Mom, could you win us a trip to Disneyland?” like it’s just that easy. Ha. Well, as of yet, I haven’t won my key for the car contest, although my dear sweet brother-in-law casually informs me that he AND his wife both have keys, now. But their teenage daughter hasn’t won one yet. Like that’s supposed to make me feel better.

Moving on. I think winning myself a notebook computer would really brighten up my day. First up for grabs over there is a Targus 16″ laptop backpack. Second on the list of possibilities: An HP Compaq Mini CQ10 Series Notebook. I KNOW! So, go check it out here if you want to enter to win. I would love to be all supportive and say “Good Luck – I hope you win!” but the truth is I’d really rather I get it, which is why I’m posting this link because it increases my chances. Nothing personal.

**It looks like my link doesn’t show up really well unless you roll over it, so I’ll give you another link


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  1. What’s the link to the contest?

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