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I picked up a 1/2 gallon of organic WHOLE milk the other day. Because it was expiring, and thus was only $1.00. I don’t usually buy organic milk, and I NEVER buy whole milk. 8 grams of fat per serving? I don’t think so. So, that was the special treat milk for my two ultra skinny kids. I told them, “Cole and Megan, here’s some milk for you. Only you. Don’t tell the other kids about it, and you can drink as much as you want, just make sure you finish it in the next couple of days.” They each poured themselves a glass of milk right then. And then another glass for dinner. And then they must have had another glass or two after dinner, because by morning, there was an empty milk carton in the fridge.
(Why do people do that? Put an empty container back? At my house, that happens all the time. I guess it’s like not admitting that you took the last of something. Whatever. I digress).

I must admit I’m sometimes somewhat of a milk scrooge, especially last month when I was attempting to only spend $100 on groceries for the month. I just couldn’t afford to be buying 5 or 6 gallons of milk per week like I usually do, so I would only let them have one glass of milk for dinner, and then if they were still thirsty, they had to have water. So these two skinny kids were SO THRILLED to have this carton of milk to drink with reckless abandon. Who knew that milk could make a kid so happy. I’ll have to remember that, and the next time whole milk is on sale, maybe I’ll get them some.


  1. Hot chocolate made with whole milk is wonderful. Sigh.

  2. ah…simple pleasures. the joys of youth.

    and $1 is a rocking deal for milk. you are the master.

  3. I haven’t had whole milk in so long – I’d probably pass out from the richness of it! When I got a free gallon of milk as part of a deal a couple of weeks ago, I got chocolate, for Anna Marie. It’s not something I normally spend money on, but like you said – she got to drink as much as she wanted!

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