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Fun in February. Only now it’s March, isn’t it?

I love the end of February. Not only have we made it through the two most dreary and cold months of the year, but my AmEX Costco rebate check comes in the mail. Can I have a “Hallelujah!”? Thank you. The whole year we get a few cents from each purchase, or more, if it’s a big purchase, up to 3% of our spending, and then at the end of February, they send us a check with our bill. And then I get to go to Costco and spend with reckless abandon. Ok, I can’t TOTALLY spend with reckless abandon, I’m not buying patio furniture or exercise equipment or anything, but I do load up the cart with meat and batteries and produce and things that we are actually going to need, but I don’t feel so guilty about buying them. On my splurge trip this year I bought some flower bulbs, and cool set of flashlights.

So I can have pretty flowers in my yard in the summer, and, in case of a power outage, I’ll be able to shine my cool flashlight on the pretty flowers and still see them.

Actually, I kind of rushed through Costco. I had forgotten how much BIGGER the South Jordan Costco is than the smaller, more friendly Lehi Store. I was a bit lost, and the tiniest bit overwhelmed by the bigger variety of merchandise, and the much bigger crowd. And I had to get back to the subaru dealership and pick up my key certificate.

That night, as we were eating our Costco take and bake pizza, I told the family about the cool set of flashlights I had bought. I went and got them, and Ryan had to take them out of the package IMMEDIATELY and start playing with them. The kids asked why we never have candelight dinner, and we put the big flashlight on the table, and said, “There you go, just like a dinner by candle light, but without the annoying candles.” Then Ryan used the two smaller flashlights and started doing an interpretative dance with the red glowing flashlights. Then EVERYONE had to dance with the flashlights. Oh my goodness.

Well, that’s what fun with the family is all about, right?


  1. Is there video of Ryan’s interpretive dance? And can you post it, please?

  2. Uhm… no.

    That’s the kind of thing we don’t video, fortunately for all the web audience out there.


  3. Well, I’m glad to hear you got that key you were wanting.

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