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My talented sister

I’ve mentioned that my sister is an artist, right? Yes, you knew that, I’m sure. She’s illustrated a few books now, and does the artwork on Music and the Spoken word about once or twice a month, which is really fun to see her drawings on tv.

She’s illustrated a new book about adoption. It’s a sweet book that will touch the hearts of anyone who has adopted or even knows anyone who has adopted. Once Upon a Time: An Adoption Story is a darling little book that helps children understand adoption and how much love is involved. Ashley Hansen Bigler (the Author) and Amy Hintze (The Illustrator) have done a wonderful job together in explaining adoption in a simple and very loving way.

You can buy the book right now (before it’s even in stores) if you want by going HERE, or you can contact Amy through her BLOG, and she can sell you a copy as well.

If you ask nicely, she may even sign it for you. Or, if you are feeling lucky, there’s a giveaway HERE, where you can enter to win your own copy of this beautiful book.

I should probably run my own giveaway, but lately my giveaways haven’t been doing very well, so I’ll just point you in the right direction instead.


  1. And for anyone who lives by me in Cottonwood Heights, I have about 10 copies I can sell.

  2. This is so cool! Beautiful pics…must pop over for that giveaway…

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