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Help! I think I’m in some kind of alternate reality

There are about 12 large boys of the 15-16 year old variety in the house right now. They are discussing things like infinity to the infinity power, air soft gun wars, klingon, flashdrives, underground passageways, and zero to the zeroth power. One of them has even brought a sword. *What?* Who is this guy? I am SO not in my element. I have done my best to make them feel welcome. I have provided large amounts of pizza, sodas (although my friend Sam told me I should NEVER buy Diet Dr. Pepper again, as in his words, “It’s Nasty and tastes about like dirt”), m & m’s, and the ever important Sweedish Fish. My bowl of Sweedish fish actually disappeared in about 10 minutes, but I refilled it.

My other kids are upstairs watching the Princess and the frog on my bed. I’ll let them come down to eat pizza, if they want, but generally they are to stay out of the way.

For entertainment, I provided them with one of my all time favorite movies, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. I’m pretty sure none of these guys has seen it, since we were watching and laughing at this movie BEFORE they were born. (“Why is the cork on the fork?” “My Grandmama taught me, ‘it is better to be truthful and good than to not”) If you haven’t seen it in a while, you should definitely watch it again. You’ll laugh, I promise.

Oh, wait! Do my eyes deceive me, or is there a GIRL here, as well. I’ll have to go and welcome her. Or maybe not. I wouldn’t want to scare her off.

Overall, I think it’s a pretty good turnout for his party. It is, after all, the YW general broadcast as well as PROM in these parts, although I doubt many of Cole’s sophomore friends would be going to that.

I’d better go and refill the pizza.


  1. Welcome to teenager parties. When to be around, when to disappear–it’s a fine line. And finding amusement for the younger sibs is crucial. Good movie pic, by the way.

  2. What a great mom you are .. and, I remember that movie. Must put it on the netflix list. Ah, the joy of silly teenage movies, think of the ones we can rediscover: Don’t Throw Mama From the Train, Monty Pythton (bring out yer dead!)…any others?

    anyway, hope Cole had lots of fun.

    and, btw, I was crazy sick ALL week. Wasn’t better till Friday night … ick! and double ick! the only good news is that my family seems to have escaped it. sorry I missed out :/

  3. You’re a real trooper. And how do you refill pizza? Are you putting it in the oven?

  4. It seems like just yesterday that he was in your womb and I was yelling at someone on the phone who shared his name. 🙂

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