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No, it’s not Costco

Last night I dreamed I was going to girls’ camp and I had 1/2 an hour to pack. What’s up with that?

The kids seem to be enjoying the back to school thing. Jenna had her kindergarten assesment today and it was pretty hard to sit there and have the teacher ask things like “What sound does an H make?” and Jenna thinks about it and says “eh?” We want our kids to succeed so badly and we’re pretty sure they know these things, or should know them at least. My favorite was when she pointed at a sign for Target and said, “I know this one. It’s Costco.” Ugh. Are we not shopping there enough? Apparantly not.

And speaking of Costco, we here in North Utah County are happy to see the opening of a new Costco in Lehi. I haven’t actually been inside yet, but I did stop and get gas there. And I’m sure I’ll be going soon. I’m almost giddy with excitement!

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  1. Try not to get too excited. I went there the other day to return something from the WAY TOO BUSY Costco in Sandy. Once inside, except for a slightly different opening, it looks just like the rest. They are either the Seattle layout, the Sandy layout or the Murray layout (which is pretty much like the Seattle layout). So as exciting as it is to go to Costco, try not to be upset when it all feels the same.

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