My house is pretty much in Chaos right now. I don’t like or enjoy chaos, although Organized Chaos I can handle.
Let me explain. We’ve already got Robin and Sarah and Jacob living here for a while. With our 7 people that brings us up to 10. It’s manageable, and even fun most of the time. Well, my sister just had her third baby early this morning (Congratulations Amy and Brian!) and so I’ve got her two boys over here, too. I’m not sure how long they will be here–probably two days while their Mom is in the hospital. So, that brings our numbers up to 12, except that Cole is still gone until tonight, so it’s technically only 11, but he still counts because I’m using my mental energy worrying about him.

So whatever plans I had for my day are now thrown into a tailspin, as I don’t really think I’m capable enough to take all 8 of them to the Dinasaur museum by myself–actually I know I could do it, but is it worth the mental and physical energies required? I don’t think so. And that temple assignment for tonight? I sadly think that one’s going out the window. I think instead I’ll do damage control here, try to keep up with the food and snacks needed for all these kids, keep them from killing each other without having to send them outisde in 100 plus degree weather, and pack for our trip to Yellowstone tomorrow.

Keep those calm, happy thoughts coming, I need all the good karma I can get.